Why Every Woman Should Study The Book of Ruth
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Why Every Woman Should Study The Book of Ruth

I have been pondering on sharing lessons from the Book of Ruth but when a few friends and family got wind of my study plan and lessons, they nudged to study along with me.

Why Every Woman Should Study the Book of Ruth
Join other women journey along the Book of Ruth

Some women wondered why the study was going to be as long “8 weeks”. Some were curious as to know what‘s new, it’s just a love story. Others struggle to understand how the Book of Ruth relates to their reality.

I don’t know what side of the divide you are on or the questions you have with respect to Bible Study…for what it is worth I put this here to help you.

Is the Book of Ruth Worth studying on a deeper level? Yes, in fact every Book of the Bible is very much worth your time.

Is the Book of Ruth for the woman in a particular life season? It is for every woman in every season of life. The Book of Ruth is for every woman no matter the portfolio, roles, functions or life season.

4 Reasons Every Woman Should Study The Book of Ruth Today!

Four Reasons You Should Study The Book Of Ruth Today

Women are seen and loved of God. Perhaps you have heard other women or you have even said it at some time that you think you are unseen, unheard, unspoken for or even forgotten.

The Book of Ruth of one of the only two books named after women. I’m not patronizing you here but that means a lot! Reading an account of how a foreigner, who by every standard shouldn’t as much as enter among the congregation of Israel, became the great grandmother of David and of the lineage of Jesus. God loves all His children, women inclusive.

Is there a standard of expectation for the Christian woman? Yes, but not according to humanistic views. As you study the Book of Ruth, we see an exemplary Bible Character with real and raw challenges. As you journey along with her, we see a young woman who learns, grows and models godly behavior in a period of time where men did as they pleased. It pleases me to see her named as a virtuous woman. What does this mean for the modern day believer? Contrary to what the world believes, it is possible to live and walk as a virtuous woman.

As a believer and as woman, Ruth provides us with faith in tough times and maintaining godly character while the world heads the broad way.

Every woman can relate with her! Whether you are single, widowed, alone, with a rough past, with a shameful history, wherever your shoe hurts, Ruth is you! God’s Word is forever relevant in our day and Ruth’s story was put in there as an example of hope for us. You can fully engage in a study of Ruth and glean so much.

Are you still wondering why you should do an actual study of Ruth?

Power of Redemptive Grace. Looking beyond the love story, Ruth typifies the Bride of Christ and the Power of redemptive grace. How God plugs us in as Gentiles into His divine mandate.

Women since the fall of man have been in the midst of oppressive situations yet God shows His love for women as a plan of the larger story. Simply put, God loves women no less than men and women are also a part of His divine agenda.

Would you like to study the Book of Ruth with me?

I am excited committing to this study. I know you are too. Please join other sisters in faith over here.

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