What Ruth teaches us About the Waiting Season
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What Ruth teaches us About the Waiting Season

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The waiting room of life can be exhausting; we are all looking and waiting for something.

The time felt so long. Every minute felt like a day, waiting to hear the a good news. Waiting can be a struggle. For those who would like to see more sign of hope it becomes a fatigue. It brings to mind Ruth and Naomi, in a seemingly hopeless case with no light in sight. Here are a few lessons we can learn from them.

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Lessons from Ruth Bible Study about the Waiting Season.

5 Lessons Ruth teaches us about the Waiting Season.

*Don’t give up on hope. Keep Showing Up. Keep your expectation for your miracle.

*Be focused on the promise. Stay on God. God does do not anything outside His promise. If He has said it, He will do it.

Work with all your heart while you wait. Be about Kingdom business. Be fervent and diligent in service

*Walk in wholehearted obedience. In the course of our Study we see how Ruth obeys Naomi. She follows Godly counsel without a grudge.

*Walk in Humility. We never know who bears our miracles, stay humble. God resists a proud heart! 1 Peter 5:5

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