The Surrendered Life
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The Surrendered Life

My friend Bettie shares about how hope in God despite her struggle with an autoimmune disease. I admire her moxie.

When I read the biographies of Christian women Elisabeth Elliot, Mary Wesley, or Bible Women like Ruth and Naomi, Deborah, Dorcas, Elisabeth, Mary etc. Some with bruises, others on bended knees, long waiting days, facing battles, overcoming health issues, in the midst of wars, hunger, famine etc.

Unsure but expectant. Following hard as God orchestrated their lives.

These questions nudge my heart.

When God’s will does not look like the life I have planned for myself will I still have the courage to answer the Call?

Will I come to His presence with a surrendered heart?

I am not sure what I would do under extreme circumstances. Would I sit on the byway and watch things unfold or would I get in the middle move them instead?

My heart is prodded with this feeling of uncertainty

Bible Study: Matthew 26: 36-42

Whatever made every one of these godly women live their lives faithfully dependent on God is nothing short of pure Grace. Through thick and thin these women held on faithfully.

None of these women had their lives well thought out. The Master planner did.

Neither did they write their life script, the Script Writer did. But they had something in common, Surrendered Lives.

Surrender is proof that we trust God.

It is amazing to see where their hearts of obedience led them. Now they are pleasant stories we read about. God had carved their lives as examples for us.


What has God asked you to do?

I recall a few years ago when I dared to follow clear instructions that led me to a whole new adventure. Before now my timid self would not have dared to come close to the edge of the cliff. But here I am nodding every step of the way or at least trying.

Trust me it is not an easy task saying YES but we are changed for the better. What has God asked you to do? Whether you think the call is huge or small doesn’t matter. Big, small all are important in His eyes. What counts is you doing what He says.

Every time someone walks the long road with God, He changes them. They become as vessels to reach God’s children. 

He never said the road was going to be easy but He promised to be there. Through and through, God is there with us.

It takes courage to let Him lead.

It takes trust to know He will bring you to that expected end.

Today, I want you to do brave differently.

Like a toddler who falls into her mother’s stretched hands with eyes shut and loud wild laughter when she is thrown up. The babe is unafraid. She knows mummy will catch her. She is fully trusting. Undoubtedly reliant.

God wants our heart to be fully trusting not harboring a shadow of doubt.

He wants us to follow Him unafraid.

He calls us to come deeper.

To reach for more.

To long for the eternal. And there we are at this crossroad that demands of us an answer. Will You answer the Call?

Be brave to put your hands in His hand and let Him lead you. Brave to follow where He leads.

Prayer: Lord, I come before you poor and needy. With all my heart I say YES to your will for my life. Lead me to the place where you have planned for me. Take me to the road and lead me safely until I have fulfilled your will in Jesus Name.

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    • 6 years ago

    “Every time someone walks the long road with God, He changes them.” Amen. He has sure worked in my life this month of writing every day. And also blessed with me beautiful encouragement from friends. He is teaching me more and more to fully trust Him. Blessings to you, Ifeoma! xoxo

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  • This makes me think of the word obedience. God has definitely got us. He just requires obedience – surrendering what we want to what He is asking us to do.

  • I try to be very sensitive to the voice of God and when He is speaking to me. I look for His voice in everything, billboards, radio commercials, a movie, a conversation with a friend…I think you get it. I find His direction beyond the preached word and the bible. I thank God for what you have shared and God speaking to me in these small words: Today, I want you to do brave differently.

    Yes, Lord.

    Thanks love!!

    • 6 years ago

    Thank you so much for this encouragement. I read it yesterday morning when I was feeling tired and not really wanting to do what I had to do that day. But reading your words gave me encouragement to just yield to God and trust Him for the strength to fulfill my responsibility. It was still hard, but I had a much better attitude knowing that God was with me.

    Blessings and love to you, dear Ifeoma! xoxo

  • This is a beautiful reflection. Thank you so much for this reminder. God knows best indeed.

  • God’s plans rarely look exactly like the ones we have in our own minds. I’m praying to step out in childlike faith and go where he calls! Thanks for sharing this!

    • Thank you Jill. Oh but God surely have something better for us.
      Blessings to you

  • Beautiful post! I simply show-up and kneel down. He does the rest. I don’t always understand, but I know it is for my good and His glory.

    • Amen….
      Thank you for sharing your reflections Cynthia

  • Thank you Ifeoma and Bettie! Surrendered lives IS what is so distinct about the women “heroes of the faith” in Biblical times and since. Praying that we might be among them by God’s grace!

    • Thank you Bethany. Great to see you here again. We all have a lot to learn from the heroes of faith. God help us live fully surrendered lives.
      God bless dear friend

  • Dear Ifeoma,
    Oh, thank you for this encouragement to thrust myself into the arms of Jesus again! Every day is a new challenge, and I find myself starting all over again. Will I surrender, here, today? Yesterday’s surrender must be renewed this day. God’s timing was so perfect in your sharing today, my friend! I am so blessed that you followed His leading! Love and Hugs!

    • Thank you Betty. Praying that He upholds you dear friend. You are an encouragement to me.
      God bless dear friend

  • So encouraging and challenging, Bettie. So often I imagine that I want to do great things for God, and yet the greatest thing is to show up each day for that day’s small work and to do it faithfully.

    • Hi Michele, Bettie is an inspiration to many of us. While writing this her testimony of God’s goodness rang in my heart. I am happy how God connects us to truly amazing people.
      Thank you for stopping by Michele.

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