The Power of Gratitude When All Hope Seem Lost
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The Power of Gratitude When All Hope Seem Lost

My mum was disappointed. I didn’t know. We were faced with our toughest life season yet.. I recount a personal experience in this first episode.

The Power Of Gratitude When All Hope Seems Lost

Surely we had done everything!
I didn’t know what words to say.
What more?

How to choose gratitude in tough times

I know how hard it is praying until you are left thinking of what else to say.

When there are unanswered prayers.
When troubles linger
When the wait seems long
When there are no more words left, …..just say THANKS

Welcome to the first episode of THE KITCHEN DEVOTIONS. I invite you to please take a listen.

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By His Great Grace,

Ifeoma Samuel


  • Ifeoma, hi! Thank you for this reminder to keep gratitude front and center … especially when times aren’t what we thought they’d be …

    Appreciate you …

    • Thank you Linda!
      So good to see yah…. it been ages.
      I appreciate you more

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