Social Media and Kids: Important Discussions You Should Have With Your Teens

Social Media and Kids: Important Discussions You Should Have With Your Teens

The power of the social media cannot be overemphasized. As a Christian parent, I know kids are been influenced by whatever is around and social media is no exception. 
The issue of social networking has often times generated heated debate among my teenage Sunday school kids. I struggle in convincing them how much exposed they become to strangers and strange ideas flying through the internet. Changing approach and perspectives require wisdom. 
So I did!
Important Discussions you should have with your kids about social media;
We settled in to have crucial discussions. We had our talk based on;
a. What you need to know about the tool in your hand.
b. Who and what would be affected by my choices and words on social media
c. Identifying priorities and when to unplug
d. Basic rules to help you keep safe on the internet 
What Can Parents Do
** Set Limits: In this new world of “image is everything”, it’s easy for young children to get carried away by some overly nice stranger over any social network.
Rules and limits need to be set. Yes please!
**Monitor gargets: Far too often we hear heart breaking stories of child pornography, cyber-sex, stalking activities that lead to emotional breakdown in some cases lead to suicide. High tech phones do not make it easy on parents. You need to ensure your child is protected. Please set up a means to monitor what your kids are doing. Use parental control for sites on the internet, or computers and also television programs.

**School Board: I often encourage schools’ decision to disallow the use of phones, tablets etc to minimize distractions. Over here in Nigeria, this is possible.
Remember, we are responsible for guiding and nurturing our children in a God-given way. It is time to ask the Holy Spirit for wisdom to be a better parent and teacher to my kids. We can do same especially when we feel we are losing it.
Do you have any more ideas?

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