Rest in Troubled Times: A Case of Mercy
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Rest in Troubled Times: A Case of Mercy

Rest in Trouble times: A case for God's mercy

The concept of finding rest has become alien to us. When a friend posted about seizing this supposed “break” to lean closer to God rather than catching the latest trends on the Pandemic, I couldn’t agree more. She wrote from the perspective of fighting fears from the stance of faith. When troubles rise, God’s people retreat in prayer. They intercede for God’s mercy over the people, nations and lands.

Bible Reading: Genesis 6:5-18, Genesis 15-16, Psalm 46:1-3, Proverbs 18:10

What should God’s People do in times of trouble?

Can we find a place of refuge in troubles?

Can God provide a place of escape?

A Case for Mercy: Are you studying through these scriptures carefully?

We cannot escape the destruction the world will face without the Mercy of God. We need His Unfailing Mercies nothing else. Noah was hid and covered in God’s protective place.

What made Noah escape from the impending destruction?

God found Noah righteous. He was righteous in God’s eyes. Our utmost desire is to please God and not appear as hypocrites. Noah enjoyed grace at a time of adverse evil. It is the mercy of God that sets us free from sorrows, fear and bondage.

See Isaiah 14:1-3

Pause and Ponder: Noah’s kind of Grace for such a time as this.

Walking With God Requires Obedience. Noah was forewarned.

God had instructed Noah on the building on the Ark. Although surrounded by wickedness he continued to fervently follow the Lord. He worked and walked in obedience. Hebrews 11:7, 2 Peter 3:20

The people were drugged with comfort, lies of riches, and promises of vanity just as our generation. They continued in disobedience But God needs us to stand out and stand strong in Obedience to His Word.

God Will Provide A Way of Escape. God shut Noah in. This is a time to be shut in with God. Do you remember the hymn “Shut in With God in the Secret Place”?

Shut in With God

In a Secret place

There in the Spirit

Beholding His face

Gaining more power

To run the race

I love to be shut in with God

Instead of looking through the News feed and Global alerts, get into the Word and Prayers. It is not the time for running to and fro for every available News piece. It is a time to know God’s purpose in a season as this.

While there was trouble and the waters flooded the earth, Noah enjoyed peace and rest shut in the ark with God. Whenever there is a shaking in the world, God knows how to hide His own. 2 Peter 2:5

Is God good in the times of trial?

The concept of “Good” is often misconstrued. Most judge God as “good” when He lets them do as they choose or he meets certain humanistic expectations. The flesh is selfish and obstinate it wants to go its way. Human judgement of “good” is faulty. It is a fallen world due to sin and disobedience. Even good struggles to survive and evil reigns.

Further Reading: Nahum 1:1-9

God doesn’t need our validation to be called “Good”. God is good in good times. God is good in bad times. TWEET

Sin attracts God’s wrath:  Read the Genesis 6: 5-6. There is only one thing that provokes God’s anger, wickedness of man. God hears the thoughts of our hearts louder than we even set to pursue our desires. Just as in our day, Noah’s times was filled with evil and all kinds of wickedness.

Reflect on the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah.

Dig Deeper: Genesis 18:20-33 and Genesis 19:1-17

God will always bring out His own people. He always provides a way of escape. Those who get in will be delivered.

Never does God destroy the righteous along with the wicked.

How did Lot get saved?

The Mercy of God saved him Genesis 19:16. Of course, we do not forget the intercession of Uncle Abraham in Genesis 18.  Our prayers for the lost and dying in this dark world save souls

Pause and ponder:

Do we revere the Lord?

What is God expecting of us at this time?

God expects us to intercede for those who are trapped like Lot. Men and women who want to live for God who are suffocated by the evil that surrounds them.

Dig Deeper: Matthew 24:37, Luke 17:27

Is Noah’s generation different from ours?

Are there similarities?

The only way to find rest in this uncertainty is through the Lord. Until we understand that the world is just as confused and as helpless as the alternatives it offers, we will remain without peace. TWEET

Consider the humiliation Noah or Lot must have faced.

How does God expect us to handle being “different”?

We should follow unashamedly; living fearlessly for Him. Luke 9:26

God has a place of refuge for you. There’s room for us in God’s provided place of safety Psalm 46:1-3

Today’s Prayer: Lord, let your mercy hide me in your safe place. Hide me from the evil that lurks in this fallen world. Lord, I pray for brethren caught in the web looking to you for help. Lord preserve your own by your mercy through Christ Jesus.


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  • I had not really stopped to consider how many correlations we can draw from Noah’s time in the ark and our time of quarantine! And I’m currently studying in Genesis–just started it yesterday! So, it seems like I’m going in the same direction as you with your study! Thanks for these inspiring insights! God is good not just when things go well but even in the bad! So very true! Hugs to you, my friend!

  • rest, mercy, grace, peace.

    this is what we’re longing for right about now. wherever we find ourselves.

    thank you for sharing, Ifeoma …

  • Thank you for sharing this study. He does call us into HIS rest. Oh that we would listen. I love that chorus you shared too! It’s been so long since I heard it. Blessings & love, dear sister.

    • I love the words of the hymn too.
      I had to go on YouTube a couple of times to listen to different versions 😄😄
      Thank you for participating in this study, Betty.

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