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She faces the wall and sobs her way to sleep.
She has a great job and a paid chauffeur.

But, her normally happy face, well put together, is powdered, carefully layered to hide her battles with depression, staring at the possibility of a
failing marriage, uncertain invisible illness, infertility, a rebellious teen, mental shut down.

You know what eats most people, it is the cover up, pretending the chaos we are in is fine, never standing up to our life battles.

The world pushes alternatives, not the real solution. The world offers palliatives instead of healing. It promotes your happiness, which by the way of digression is only a temporary fix. We often neglect the true joy that Christ gives.

We focus on the chaos instead! We glorify our burdens. We hang our shoulders down.

Do you know what our souls truly search for?
Our soul wants to hang onto every fibre of hope.

Where have we missed it?
Where did we go wrong?
We are all her in countless ways.

Life is a gift and we should be holding on to it as such.

In this14 Days Devotional Bible Study you will find a blend of true life stories and experiences that inspired me in my own mess. This book is for you who are tired and in desperate need for encouragement through life’s struggles.

Chase God! Consider the ability to do so to be a gift in this loud and attention-seeking world. My prayer for you is that you find God in everyday mundane, messy, and sometimes uncontrollable situations.

I wrote this for the woman right there in the middle of the thick and grind of real life needing real encouragement. You can find God in the brawl of life.

You can use this study in a group or for personal use.


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