Identifying the Giants in Your Life
Bible Study

Identifying the Giants in Your Life

The Giant Slayer Bible Study: how to identify the giants in your life

A few years ago I drove to work. I arrived early. I couldn’t access the main entrance because there was a chain barricade running loosely from end to end. I got out of my car, took it out, and simply drove in.

I replaced the chain barrier back in its place, waited in my car for the main gates to be opened.

Less than 30 minutes I noticed another car drive up to the chain barrier and parked right in front of it and turned off the ignition. The driver sat there for a while. I eased myself to my reclined car seat.

A tap on my glass. It was a young lady. We exchanged pleasantries. She asked how I got in.

“I put the chain down and drove in”…

Oh really! I have never done that before. I am afraid not to spring up any trouble with security. When I arrive earlier than open time, I always leave my car out there by the roadside until the chain barrier is taken off. She narrated.

I shared an honest response, “I don’t see a problem with getting off the road until the main gates are opened. I didn’t think anyone would accost me with respect to that”. Immediately, she followed suit.

Sometimes we assume because there is a chain right in front of us we have no right to bring it down. We feel powerless. We are intimidated by its sight. We wait until someone does it for us. We stare at the barrier like it has a right to be there.

That day I learned a valuable life lesson.

How we see life matters and it affects our response to barriers

My safety was top on my mind. I’d rather take my chance with the security team. There were no prior signs or instructions as to how to deal with the chained barrier.

My acquaintance made up a rule for herself and followed it. So did I. The only difference was the rules we had set up for each other

Can you relate? Do you know how many times we make wrong assumptions, set up boundaries or rules, and begin to follow them?

We tell ourselves, this how far we can accomplish, this is where we ought to stop, this is what we deserve, we can’t do certain things …. We create false limitations and justify them with countless reasons.

Do you know the giant in your life?

Have you named it?

Suffering under the exhaustion of having an unfriendly bloodthirsty, tall giant towering down with his loudest voice and boastful jests. The Israelites crawled into their tents.

His armour was mentally disarming enough without a mention of his stature, his thousand armies cheering him on and military experience.

The Israelites hid. The terrifying presence of this giant was enough to send the armies of Israel into hiding. The grimace of the giant torments the whole camp.

While our enemy may not be the physical Goliath, it still intimidates, weakens, and instills fear.

Imagine how troublesome Goliath was, taunting Israel 40 straight days in a roll. Morning and evening, non-stop, railing his boastful comments.

Sadly, some of us have had these taunts for as long as years. We have been there. We know what that feels like!

Our battle is beyond physical oppositions. They are unseen strongholds that wage war on our existence every day. Ephesians 6:12 Ephesians 2:2, Colossians 1:13

What giants are facing you?

What giants stand in your way?

Are they Emotional Giants? Which have made some victims of manipulation and twisted motives, crippled from all sorts of addictions, shame, depression, guilt, become defensive and dodgy or avoiding to confront issues or people that make life unbearable – strategies to help us cope with injuries we have suffered in the past or what we are constantly warring against.

Are they Physical Giants? Which opposes your purpose or desire? Some of us have heard lots of No’s and have in the very least embraced them as “normal” refusing to push any further.

Physical limitations, like sickness, finance, limited opportunities, and other barriers that hold us from getting ahead.

Are they Mental Giants? Self-limiting beliefs, what we have always believed about ourselves, our abilities, our gifts, our strengths. Giants that make us lack of willingness to push ahead or come up with initiatives to get unstuck.

 “I can never score higher grades,

I am unintelligent,

I am on a low IQ test” ….

Some of us including myself have been told by our teachers, employers, parents, or people of influence that “we don’t have what it takes”.

Unfortunately most let those words linger and fester. We align our thoughts and actions to negative words we have been told. We set up barriers in our minds unknowingly.

I pray the Lord exposes these giants taking strongholds in your life in Jesus name.

What is the Ultimate Goal of Real-life Giants?

The key weapon of a giant is fear. All kinds of fears manifest as a result of Giants defeating its victims. Fear paralyzes passion, purpose, and pursuits.

The enemy’s agenda is to kill, steal and destroy using giants as a tool to achieve his purpose.

How Do You Identify Giants in your Life

Bible Reading: 1 Samuel 17: 1-16, Ephesians 6:12-13

Take your journal and work through 1 Samuel 17 verse by verse.

What will you be looking for? Take account of the details of the Goliath, and his manner of conversation

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I wrote this in my journal…

Verse 3, We are introduced to Goliath, a record holder and a champion of the Philistines. He knew how to waste lives in battle. It was his profession.

Verse 4 tells us of his intimidating stature and

Verses 5 -7, the array of his weapons. He was proud and big-headed. Verse 8- He was arrogant enough to defy the armies of Israel betting against and challenging because he thought the odds would be in his favour.

Verse 10 He boasted.

Final Verse his taunts were achieving the intended purpose- instilling fear in Verse 16

 We have examined the description of Goliath, now let’s sum tidy this up neatly.

The Spirit of the Giant Slayer: 
7 Characteristics of Giants. Lessons from Goliath.

7 Characteristics of Giants: Lessons from Goliath

Giants are the gatekeepers. The Israelites had the mandate. The promise of Canaan land was already a fulfilled promise. God had given the possession but they had to go and take it. Dispossess the occupiers and rebuild the place for themselves.

You will encounter resistance for every promise of God you are claiming. The enemy doesn’t want you there.

Giants don’t play nice. They occupy your space and would not detach easily. Understand that giants are not willing to vacate your space. Contention is necessary. To desire victory is a cry for war. Are you willing to fight to the end?

They know the terrain. They’ve been long in this battlefield. They even tell you they are equipped to defeat you and sing of their accomplishments.

They know your weak spot. Giants know you have a weakness and dangle their weapon over your head. They know how to make their victim look small, weak, helpless, and defenseless.

They are arrogant and boastful. Goliath typifies the life giants we face.

They have an intimidating appearance. We are quick to judge the Israelites spies as wrong when they saw the inhabitants of Canaan as Giants. Their offense was seeing themselves as grasshoppers. They allowed the intimidating appearance of their enemy belittle the God who was with them.

They have brandished weapons. It is an error to think the enemy has not got his arsenal ready. The Bible calls us soldiers. To be a soldier means you have weapons for warfare. And it means you are in a constant battle. Our weapons are not like the enemy’s. they are mighty through God. God is the source and anchor of our victory.

Further Study: 2 Corinthians 10:4, 2 Timothy 2:3

If we are to conquer we go in the name of the Lord.

Questions to Ponder

Can you identify the gatekeepers?

Do you know the playing field?

Do you have the strategy to overcome?

Have you mapped out your battle plan?

Are you ready to defeat the giants in your life?

Today’s Prayer

Oh Lord, for too long I have allowed the giant in my life take over and torment me. Lord deliver me in every area I have wallowed in the oppression of the enemy. As I go through this study, open my eyes, teach my heart, break chains, arm me with your Truth. Father, today set me free indeed. Give me victory over every giant opposing the Word of truth in my life in Jesus name.

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By His Grace, Ifeoma Samuel

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    Great study, sister!

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