How To Evangelize Like The Samaritan Woman

How To Evangelize Like The Samaritan Woman

Recall the
woman at the well?
Yes the
very woman whom Jesus told about her life.
Bible Reading: John 4: 4-42
The woman
whom Jesus offered the water of life.
She had a
record, may be one she was ashamed of.
May be her
name was on the lips of whisperers in the city.
But that
didn’t hold her back from going there and proclaiming the Name of Jesus.
After her
encounter with Jesus, everything within her yearned for others to have
the same thing she had.

She was Unselfish. Unlike most of us, we want to hide our light under the bed. We don’t
want others to see we belong to Christ now. But this woman willingly shared the Good
Whether it
was perfectly done or not,
Whether they
came from ‘unworthy lips’ or not,
The woman’s
testimony of Christ turned the whole city around.

She was Unashamed. She didn’t care about her past or her reputation. She was least concerned
about what others would say or think of her. 
She was the least important person. The people were top priority because they needed to meet Jesus the way she did.
She had met
someone greater than both her past and her reputation.
Jesus is Greater than Your Past and Your Reputation.

She was Unrestrained. Gal, when you have that encounter with Jesus, your tongue is loosened
for the gospel’s sake. 
Your passion and fire for the gospel cannot be
The boldness
to speak rested upon her. That’s how it is, ask Apostle Peter or Apostle Paul.

She was Unselective. Everyone just had to hear! Imagine how she got the whole community out
their normal routine, away from their busyness and from their dwelling places…
This woman
went wild for the sake of Jesus. Everyone, not a few selected friends, not a
group of people, everyone.

She Shared Her Story. There is power in
saying how lost, how far and how deep we were away from Christ.
There is power in
telling how grace saved us
…come see a man who
knows my struggles
…come meet with the person who changed my life he would change
yours too if you believe
…come meet with the
person who touched my heart in a unique way and I don’t feel any judgment but
love and mercy.
She shared her
encounter with Christ.
When last did you speak to someone about Jesus?
Is your encounter with
Jesus healing, deliverance, salvation, peace, freedom from bondage and
Your story may do it for a lost soul.
Share your testimony for God’s glory.
Know this you have come a long way may be with dusty feet, weary
hands, tired body or limping but unshakable and steadfast in faith. That

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  • This woman's story reminds me of Peter and John's response to their critics in Acts 4, when they said they could not help but speak about the Lord. May we be faithful to follow in this woman's footsteps! Thank you for sharing with us at Grace & Truth. 🙂

  • Amazing things happen when we simply share our story! That's the best evangelism:)

  • Great points you have gleamed from that story. I was reminded of that children song, Hide it under a bushel, no, I'm gonna let it shine…

  • There is a song about the Samaritan Woman, and one of our new converts loved to sing it every time the Pastor asked her to sing a special. I believe she related, but now she was washed. The women told her story and compelled those who knew her to come and see for your self. Thank you for sharing with us here at Tell me a Story.

  • Thank you for the encouragement to keep sharing my story with others. It may look different but that is ok, it is not about me anyway. Praying that I am unrestrained when it comes to sharing my story with others.

  • I love the story of the Samaritan woman. I've written about her a lot and I find it so sad we don't know her name. So, when writing about her I called her Samira. One meaning of this name is "companion in evening conversation." Although there is some speculation over the time Samira met Jesus at the well, most scholars think it was the evening. There at the well in the evening Samira found the perfect companion.

    • 8 years ago

    I needed this reminder, Ifeoma. Thank you for reminding us that our faith should bubble up and spread to everyone like it did for the Samaritan woman.

  • There is a lot of encouragement for me here. Personally, I need to be more unrestrained and unselective.

    • 8 years ago

    This is a worth readers, it inspired us to do good, to have Faith in GOD that whatever we do HE is always there and will never leave us. Visiting for The Art of Home Making Mondays

  • You made great points here! I especially like that you pointed out she was unselective. Sometimes we over think evangelism like who should I talk to to. We should talk to anyone God brings across our path! Thanks for this post!

    God bless,

  • Amazing how evangelism works.

  • This is beautiful and just what I needed to read. Blessings to you

  • I love this! Share your story! That's it! We will never know how God will use our stories of changed lives and healed hearts. Thanks so much for this!! Blessings!!

  • I just love the words of response from the people she witnessed to: We know and believe – not just because of your words but because we have SEEN – that Jesus is the Savior of the world.

    What a gift of evidence that God the Holy Spirit was already at work in those new converts. And all because that woman opened her eyes and her mouth to share what Jesus had done for her!

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