How To Engage The Power of the Word Over Anger Issues
Bible Study

How To Engage The Power of the Word Over Anger Issues

How To Use the Word-Power to secure Victory over Anger related Issues

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Key Scriptures: Romans 10:8-14, Luke 4:1-13

Devotional Insight: The Word is Powerful and many of us do not enjoy the Word Power because they don’t know how to engage the Word in their everyday life.

Engaging The Power Of The Word For Total Victory Over Anger Issues

I love Bible studies because they are not junk foods but real rich and filling meals. That way we are able to enjoy heart transformations. The Word of God brings life and healing our soul needs. Spending time in the word help us unlock deep mysteries through the help of the Holy Spirit.

Sometimes people underestimate the power resident in the Word. We are beguiled to think it is old school. Most believe the power of God was left in the past and have no effect in their present state.

We think its history and hold no relevance today. The Word of God shows us how powerful our God is. It delivers that same power to us who have believed and walk according to his commands.

Hear this, the truth, the Word of God has the power to transform any sin-ridden person into a person full of faith loving the Lord.

That transformation power is available to you right now. Do you believe?

Journal Prompt

Can God transform my struggles with anger and make me a gentle, kind, patient and compassionate fellow?

Can God’s Word free us from years of anger into testimony and joy-filled lives?

6 Powerful Ways To Engage The Word

a) Believe that God can. As you hear the word speak to your soul over and over, the healing and transformation process happens. Romans 10:17

Can I be saved from being an angry woman?

Can I live a joyful life?

b) We need to call upon the Lord today. Romans 10:13 There are many self-help resources on anger management most of which fail because they are not rooted in the Word.

Journal Prompt

Are you ready to invite the Lord into the Anger issue?

Are you ready to release your tight-fisted hold on the baggage of anger?

Let’s pause and pray.

Lord, I release all the hurt I feel. I release everything to you. I don’t want this anger anymore. I don’t want to live like. I don’t want to be the woman anger is making of me. I need you, Lord. Set me free through the blood of Jesus. Father, I come to you poor and needy of your grace. Give me the strength to walk through the healing process. Purge me, wash me, cleanse me oh Lord. Thank you, Jesus.

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c) The Word. See what Romans 10:9 “The Word in your mouth and in your heart”. We need the Word. As we take in The Word of life daily, we never remain the same. The enemy knows how dangerous the Sword wielding woman is. He knows and that’s the reason he does everything to keep us too busy, too tired, too occupied to get to the Word.

You can’t believe or confess the Word you don’t know.

It is not some shallow fluff half-sliced experience. It is taking all of God’s Word in and drinking the Word deep until our soul is satisfied wanting nothing save the sweet manner of the heavenly meal.

Journal Prompt

Are you the Word-Hungry Woman?

Are you Hungry for the filling the Word gives?

You cannot be Word fed and yet be starved.

You cannot drink deep and be dried of thirst.

Sister, something about you has to long for more of His presence. Your heart needs to be hungry for the Lord, that’s when you catch Him.

You will seek me and find me when you search for me with all your heart Jeremiah 29:13

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d) Confess the Word. You believe with all your heart that God has set you free from sin including sinful anger. Then you confess that Word of freedom with your mouth.

There has to be the heart-felt confession to go with your heart-believe. Notice the “scriptural affirmations” are included most of our Overcome Anger studies.  

When Jesus was tempted what did he do?

Closely study the progress of his conversation with the tempter.

Jesus knew the Word.

Jesus knew how to use it

Jesus confronted with the Word.

Jesus is the Word John 1:1

Jesus was not distracted by the offers of the enemy. He knew the devil’s target was to seal the fate of humans and cost us our freedom and redemption.

Journal Prompt

What is the purpose of this anger?

What does the enemy stand to gain?

Is this anger a distraction to make me lose what is important?

What should I set my eyes on?

Jesus endured all the persecution for the sake of the redemption. See, we will have to go through tough times but we should never take our eyes off the mark.

Word affirmation keeps your heart and eyes on the truth. Using the verses and confessing them over your life.

As you confess the scriptures and begin meditate on them your heart is anchored to the truth. Joshua 1:8

e) Speak the Word. Rebuke the thoughts – vengeance, envy, anger, hatred etc that may cause you to wander off God’s path. Rebuke the enemy in your life, home, family just as Jesus did.

f) Pray the Scriptures. Praying Word backed prayers is more powerful. God honours His Word even above His name. That’s how faithful He is. Psalm 138:2

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Words of Affirmation.

The Word transforms my heart every day.

I walk in the power of the Word.

Action Plan.

Commit to a life of fellowship with God.

Have  a Personal Study plan to help grow in your spiritual journey


Lord, thank you for encouraging my heart today. Draw me near to your side. Teach me Your way and guide me into Your Truth Psalm 86:11. Help me to obey Your Word and give me an undivided heart. As I commit to studying Your Word, Father, show me great and mighty things which I don’t know Jeremiah 33:1-3 in Jesus name.

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21 Day Bible Study: How To Overcome Anger and Live A Joy-filled Life

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