How To Be A Godly Friend
Bible Study

How To Be A Godly Friend

Learn How To Be A #GodlyFriend with these Eight lessons Jesus teaches us about friendship.

Bible Reading: Luke 10:27-37, Matthew 5:43-48

If showing kindness is reserved for those our circle, then we fail to capture the essence of this scripture Luke 10:27 Everything about friendship rests on this. Friendship is beyond borders of comfort and familiarity. It is propelled by love.

The Samaritan did not know the man who was robbed. He wasn’t friends with him either but if he could do this for a random someone he saw laying on the walkway, how far would he go for a friend?

Jesus illustration turns our human view of friendship upside down. We want to keep friends who give us back in return. We want to keep that close knit bond and restrict outside influences. While we may not be exactly friends with everyone you don’t need to someone before you render kindness sparkle. We don’t even need to know someone before we can show some care. While the world is a sick place but the Holy Spirit guides our choices and instructs our hearts to wisdom.

Are you friends with Jesus?

More Bible Study: III John 14, John 15:14

We can’t learn to be true friends without first knowing Jesus as our friend. We cannot say we love when we can’t love the feeblest of people around.

Jesus calls his disciples, friends.

Jesus calls us who love and obey his commands friends.

Jesus loves you and wants to be friends with you.

Are you friends with Jesus?

Do you have a rapport with Jesus as you do with your earthly friends?

Do you spend time with Him through prayers and Bible Devotion?

No matter how much we describe our perfect human relationships none can come close to being friends with Jesus.

We all have sinned. We are fallen with sinful nature. The love of God looks past our mistakes.

Looking up at the cross what do you see?

The cross is a daily reminder that there is Blood at the altar yet speaking mercy over judgement.

Are you troubled by the weight on your shoulders?

Do you think your sins cannot be forgiven?

Are you looking round and wondering how things got this bad?

 Here’s what you should know:

No matter how many accusations you have received, or how long you have covered your struggles with secret sins, there’s blood speaking on the altar for you.

All you need do is, make it to the feet of the cross. The blood awaits!

The Blood of Jesus will wash away our sins

The Blood gives us access and draws us closer to Him.

The price of our redemption has been paid. That’s what Jesus did on the cross paying the ultimate price for you and me.

I have found a friend in Jesus. You too can.

In this highly demanding, pushy, self absorbed, sin-soaked world, and exhausting world, we have a friend too faithful to fail. We have Jesus, dependable and trustworthy.

 Jesus is a friend in every season. You don’t have to worry if He will be there when life season changes

Are you friends with Jesus?

Have your garments been washed with the blood of the Lamb?

Are you ready as the Bride awaits the Bridegroom?

Jesus waits at the door friend. He is patiently waiting for you to let Him in.

The vilest offender He will wash.

The thickest of sin He will cleanse

You have a friend in Jesus.

Are you hurt, disappointed, betrayed, deceived, burdened, laden with addiction, sin or bondage?

No one can bear your weight save Jesus.

There’s none to save except Jesus.

Journal Activity

Are you truly friends with Jesus?

Examine your relationship with Christ and ask the Lord to revive the flame of fire and make your heart burn for Him.

Have you embraced Jesus?


Lord Jesus come into my heart. Forgive my sins and wash me with your precious Blood. Let your Holy Fire consume my heart with Love. Purge and revive my Spirit. Bring me into the centre of your will and help me to walk in righteousness in Jesus name.

Bible Reading: James 2:23, Exodus 33:11, Isaiah 41:8

Powerful lessons Jesus teaches Us about Godly Friendships.
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8 Lessons Jesus Teaches Us About Friendship

1.    Jesus  related with people irrespective of their economic or political status. We don’t choose friends because of their money or the connections or what we look to get from them. We should choose friends because of who they are. Matthew 9:10-11

2.    Jesus was sincerely concerned about His friends. He went beyond surface interactions to genuine concern. When Peter’s mother in law was sick, Jesus was there for him. Matthew 8:14-15

3.    Jesus knew who His friends were. He knew their weakness and strength.  Study closely all of Jesus conversations with Peter although he denied Jesus Matt 26:33-75  , He struggled with his insecurities Matt 19:27, overzealousness John 13:5-10, his curious mind Matt 18:21 Matt 14:8, but Jesus shows us there was room to accommodate Peter both his strengths and weaknesses. There was compassion for His disciple.

What do we learn? Understand the capability of your friends. Don’t lay so much expectation on them to avoid disappointments.

4.    Jesus taught with humility. A friend doesn’t look for a way to put you down. He teaches you not with ridicule but with love.

5.    Jesus was not ashamed of His friends. Yes a true friend will never be ashamed of you. He is excited about you and what good things come your way. A good friend aches when you ache and cheers you on.

6.    He goes out of His way to show compassion. See how Jesus was moved for Lazarus his friend. John 12:9

7.    Jesus corrects His friends. He was not shielding them in their errors but with love Jesus showed them the right path. A good friend, even though, would hate to hurt you, they would tell you the truth. Notice how he rebuked Peter or how when He addressed his disciples about who will be the greatest. Luke 22:23-26

8. Jesus Served His Friends: The goal of friendship is to minister, encourage and support each other. John 13:13-17

Following the footsteps of Jesus means we see opportunities to lend our gifts as a privilege. What lessons have you learnt from Jesus about Godly Friendship?

The past few weeks we have had a thorough look at several scriptures with respect to friendship

Journal Reflections

How has this Bible study influenced or transformed you and your ideas about friendships ?

Does God care about those you call friends and how you treat them?

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