Finding Rest In the Midst of Uncertainty
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Finding Rest In the Midst of Uncertainty

Finding Rest In an Uncertain World

What a friend we have in Jesus

All our needs and grief to bear

What a privilege to carry everything to God in Prayer

Oh what peace we often forfeit oh what needless pain we bear

Nothing prepared the world for this sudden chaos and turmoil. Cancelled flights, pending reservations, events postponed indefinitely, empty stores, empty streets, lonely walkways, confused governments, media houses reporting and counter reporting, empty church pews.

2020, the year everything in the suddenly came to a brief halt.

Depressions, fear, anxiety, panic just to mention a few are all over the News feed. People are scared. No place to hide. No country is safe.We are at the end of the ages. What questions cloud your mind?

Is this a glimpse of what the tribulation will look like?

Or is this a sacred call to hands off the steering wheel and turn back to God?

Is God getting the attention of a world that wants to run itself like it’s the creator?

I have asked myself these and a lot more.

In the recently concluded the Online Personal Retreat with a handful of women, we spent valuable time combing through the scriptures, praying, fasting and preparing ahead. Little did I know that God had set this time to teach us more how to dwell and completely rest on Him.

Now I understand how that journey nurtured my heart with God’s peace at such a time as this. Partly about re-organizing personal life, goals and lifestyle and choosing to live intentionally, my one big take away is the vulnerable act of release- Releasing all to God.

Sometimes, we have to fight to keep our hearts in the right place: Taking our burdens, fears, concerns, desires to Jesus and leaving them there. Tweet

Since the pandemic, plans have gone upside down. A reminder that life has no guarantee. Troubles abound everywhere. But peace is found in Christ Jesus alone. That’s where our hope lies.

Can you find rest in this troubled times?

For the mountains shall depart, and the hills be removed; but my kindness shall not depart from thee, neither shall the covenant of my peace be removed, saith the Lord that hath mercy on thee.

Isaiah 54:10

How do we find rest?

Our perspective- (how we make sense of what is going on) and our response- (what we do with uncertainty) is the difference between rest and chaotic living. TWEET

What if we looked to events through the lens of the Gospel of Hope?

What If our response was according to the Word?

To navigate this trying season, we should look to Jesus and confront the prevailing situation with God’s Word. 

Is God calling our attention to something bigger than this?

Is this not a time for us to reflect on our choices and priorities?

Is this situation not ushering to our hearts to focus on Christ?

Prior to this time we have led busy, busy lives, over-scheduled calendar, little or no time for rest and fellowship. Everyone seemed to be in a hurry to somewhere, distracted by life instead of actually living in fullness.

Hurry and busyness has robbed us of rest, peace and the contentment of just being. For many sitting home with family feels strange in this fast-paced and achievement-driven world.

The demand for time has suddenly been eliminated. Now we have plenty time in our hands for that which is priority – our faith journey

For this I strongly believe, God’s people will come out stronger and healed. We are in this together and God is here for us. He never leaves His people stranded.

We are not going to look to the world for answers.

We are not searching for peace in broken world systems or failing medical setups.

This is an invitation for you and I to look to Jesus.

Like the song writer, we forfeit so much when we don’t carry our burdens, pursuits, desires and life expectations to our Savior.

Can we find rest in the midst of uncertainty?

In this busy world, how do we enter into God’s provided rest?

Has He not provided a place of refuge for His own?

Life has always been busy. It is ever changing but nothing is new. The world quakes, shakes, helter-skelter runs world leaders, a place of rest still remains for God’s people.

We will hold to God’s unchanging hand, where we will find rest and peace for our souls.

I invite you to join me in the Rest Bible Study Series. More than ever our soul needs to find rest and trust God in these uncertain times.

Have a friend that needs this study? Ask them to join us.

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By His Great Grace,


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  • “For this I strongly believe, God’s people will come out stronger and healed. We are in this together and God is here for us. He never leaves His people stranded.” I am in 100% agreement with you on this Sister. I will stand united with you in prayer!! Great post.❤

  • Amen! Yes, I agree with you, Ifeoma. He is calling us to HIS own dear rest, in His presence. I am so thankful for the moments of the retreat also, confirming and making His Word so strong in our hearts. I pray for your upcoming study here. It is a perfect time for it.

    • Hi Bettie, so good to resume here again and read your thoughts and prayers 😁😁 Thank you for all your support.

      Sisters like you make this space warmer as we sit together by the coals of fire that kindle our heart in God’s presence.

      Thank you for coming along for this study
      Hugs sweet friend.

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