Day 7 Thankful God Remembers

Day 7 Thankful God Remembers

30 Days of Gratitude-Thankful God Remembers

Welcome to Day 7 of our 30 Days of Thankfulness Challenge.

Bible Reading: Genesis 9:15-16

I am thankful God remembers.

God is a promise keeper.

The children and I discussed the Noah experience- one man and a faithful God.

It matters so much to God to keep the rainbow promise.

It also matters to God-keeping every Word in the scripture.

There are prayers I have said years ago. They got answered when I didn’t notice. In fact, I had forgotten those prayers. But God never forgets whispers of prayers.

He keeps memories. whether our fragile beings forget or not, God does not.

Throughout scripture we see God walking among men with the covenant. You can search out different covenants God made with His people.

Sister, God is faithful through the years. Whoever enters into a covenant with God is rest assured He won’t fail. The Blood of Jesus has given us a higher covenant.

I’m thankful God remembers all the promises including mercy speaking through the Blood.

I’m thankful God is a covenant-keeper

God holds himself accountable to fulfil His word in the lives of His children.

Prayer: Thank you for keeping your promises over my life, home and family.

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