Day 20 Thankful for The Finisher’s Grace

Day 20 Thankful for The Finisher’s Grace

Bible Reading: Zechariah 4:9

When I finished the papers, I dawned on me that not everyone who began the program got to this end point.

There are so many aspects of life where we see blessings and think we got here by ourselves. We forget that those accolades, certifications, meeting goals and reaching milestones were nothing short of finishing grace.

To start and finish a project takes finishers grace.

The race of will joyfully be completed by God’s grace alone. In the same vein, we should remember that for every divinely ordained mandate or human endeavors to attain full completion, the finishers grace is required.

We spoke about God being a finisher.

Today, I thankful for the grace He releases for we mortals to complete tasks and goals we set out to accomplish.

Prayer Prompt: Lord it’s all you keeping me in your grace.

NB. I share some short encouragement on Instagram reels. I have been finding those interesting lately. If you are on Instagram, feel free to join the community @purposefulandmeaningful

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