Day 16 Thankful God Hears Unspoken Prayers

Day 16 Thankful God Hears Unspoken Prayers

Welcome to Day 16 of our 30 Days of Thankfulness and Gratitude.

Bible Reading: I Samuel 1:12-17

Hannah’s prayers were filled with tears mixed with anguish from a woman tormented by her rival.

The laughter and mockery of an enemy is discomforting.
Her prayers were unspoken yet God knew the depth and desperate pleas in her soundless voice.

Today, like Hannah I’ve come back to say Thank you to the living God who hears the cries of the heart when the lips only move (1 Samuel 2:1-10).

I’m thankful whispers aren’t wasted and tears are a reminder we are human in need of God.
I’m thankful God hears. His ears are attentive to the mumbling of the heart.

I’m thankful God understands the meaning of every tear drop ever shed.

I’m thankful He answers the voice in the tears.
Prayer Prompt: Thank God for answers to whispers of your heart

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