Day 15- Thankful God sees me.

Thankful God Sees Me

Welcome to Day 15 of the 30 Days of Thankfulness.

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Now on to Day 15 of our 30 Days of Gratitude

Bible Reading: Genesis 16:13

Our story may not be anything like Hagar but we all at some point had walked those shoes of rejection. Where we sought human approval and validation.

Today I am thankful that God sees me!

“I want others to see me. I wonder why they see my brother and not me” he said with disappointment written all over his face.

I paused for a while to process what I just heard. This young teen was going through that phase where reassurance would help mould his confidence in his skills and abilities.

Our children depend on us for reassurance. Their self-esteem and confidence hang on what they hear from us and how we treat them.

The nudge encourages them to put themselves forward, contribute and volunteer towards the benefit of others.

I called him by name and said “You are seen. Others see you but as you mature and become more organised, others will notice your gifts and appreciate”.

There are times we feel others are seen and approved while we are not.

I reflect on Leah as I ponder on Hagar. Women who were fighting for some form of attention in their lives.

Maybe you are in that place where you are not sure of yourself or where you are headed.

God sees you. You are approved of God. Whether others recognise you or not, God does see you.

I am thankful that God sees me.

I don’t struggle to be noticed by God.

His attention is on all of His children.

You are seen. Your work and worth are valued.

Prayer Prompt: Lord, I am thankful that you see me and my story is not new to you.

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