Day 11- Thankful the Lord fights for me

Day 11 of 30 Days of Thanksgiving

Bible Reading Exodus 14:14

I didn’t know God was fighting for me.

I almost lost it. I wanted to help myself. I was glad God closed the doors. Yes, because it won’t have been right at all.

What did I learn? God closes some doors because He is fighting on our side. Those opportunities aren’t meant for us to walk through.

We all have those days when it seems we are at odds with the universe. We beat hard against the air. Scream all we want, that doesn’t change a thing.

Some days are simply hard, believe me.

On those days when you feel you are drowning, know that God is fighting for you regardless of what life looks like.

I am thankful God fights for me.

Sister, I tell you what, no matter how hard it has been God is fighting on your behalf.

We are waging war against the enemy every single day.

The real danger is these wars are subtle and invincible. They come in form of worldly trends, compromises, emotional and mental enslavement.

I am grateful the Lord fights seen and invincible battles.

Compromise knocks on the door when we are not looking. We are tempted to just get in and get what we want.

We are not alone.

It is a messy world!

It is time to quit fighting for yourself and let God take over these battles.

God fights for you and you hold your peace.

More encouragement – Deuteronomy 3:22 and Joshua 23:10

Prayer Prompt: Thank the Lord for fighting your battles.

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