THE INVITATIONS:21 Hearty Devotions For Your Soul

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 Everyday we are awake to beautiful invitations nudging us to draw nearer, lean closer and glean more.

We see them in our least favorite places. They beckon us in our bold glorious moments. Jesus sweetly pours out grace and offers us INVITATIONS. 

Are you lost, hurt, discouraged?

Do you feel unworthy and undeserving of love?

Are you the one too shy to draw near or the one lonely or messy?

Good News! There is space for you at His feet. There are cups of grace waiting for specially you…. “Yes, You my friend”. 

Ifeoma Samuel opens up each daily devotion with grace-laced invitations. In this beautifully crafted book, she invites you to find courage and hope in messy, mundane and jagged places of life as Jesus says ‘Come’. This devotional is for every heart that yearns to surrender when He bids us ‘COME’.

What Readers Had to Say!

I am already putting into action the call to get rid of stuff.  And I want to read through it again and ponder things more deeply and let the Lord show me what other things I need to change.  I think that these invitations to Christians from our Lord are absolutely necessary knowledge for Christians.  They would be especially beneficial to younger Christians, those who are new to the faith, or those who wandered away from the Lord and have not grown in their faith like they should have, to help them grow closer to the Lord and actually come to a place where they experience His presence on an ongoing, daily basis.

-Ruth Campos




My 30 Days Journey To a Fulfilled Life

There is more to living or merely existing. Are you living a fulfilled life? Can you live that fulfilled life you desire?

There is more to life than what we see right now. 

There is more to life than where you are on the globe.

In this is inspirational devotional book you go through an exceptional journey and learn in simple and practical ways of living a fulfilled life.

Cover Page Design by Alicia Ruggieri

Foreword By Kate Battistelli


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Overcome Failure: Get Back On Your Feet

What happens when God’s people fail?

Can Failure be a good thing in disguise?

Whether in failed relationships, careers, life choices and expectations, parenting, marriages etc. in one aspect or another we have had our fair share of failure. Getting back up is something we must all do.

Ifeoma Samuel is your down-to-earth girl sitting at your conversation table.

With each chapter, she brings on the spark of hope savoring through biblical truths that shatter the shackles of failure and help you see goodness in your life challenges and find inspiration to move ahead.

Also embedded in each page are hearty real life conversations, thought-provoking questions designed to help you get back on your feet.

Wouldn’t you love to This book comes with a free Companion Study, lots of scriptures for Bible Study, prayers and exercises to help you to the fullest. Get Back on Your Feet? BUY NOW! >>Here<<

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What Others Are Saying!!

This book can be used as a devotional, and also would work well in a Study Group. In life there are daily opportunities for us to fail.  We often perceive ourselves as a failing spouse and parent and then there is our career as well as our writing experiences with not so friendly editors. Each of the sixteen chapters stand alone, and Dr. Samuel has placed Bible scriptures to confirm each lesson.  At the end of each lesson is a suggested prayer to cement what you are digesting. 

She has used Biblical examples of those who failed and those who learned to speak success into their self talk. Personal examples also reveal her humanity as she struggles with health and individual problems in her work and published books. Along with this book is a companion journal with spaces for you to write your thoughts and how certain scriptures have spoken to you.  I enjoyed this book immensely and recommend it for those who struggle with failure in any of its many forms.

Aunt Hazel Moon, Blogger, Author and True Story Teller

Overcome Failure, is a must have for anyone who is human.  Don’t we all fail and find it hard to pick ourselves back up?  Especially if it’s a red face blunder type of failure and I think just about every one of us has experienced that in life.

Mary Zatkalik, Blogger at Piles of Smiles

 And I have been soaking in her words of encouragement, feeling that she is someone who understands what it feels to be battle-scarred and empty. Her questions have caused me to ponder on my own daily battles.
Betty. G, Owner at BettieG’s RAseasons