Anger: How To Accept The Truth Even When It Offends You
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Anger: How To Accept The Truth Even When It Offends You

How should you respond to correction?

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Key Scriptures: Jeremiah 26:8- 23, Jeremiah 36: 1- 24

Devotional  Insight: We do a study on Jeremiah and the children of Israel. How did they take to the truth Jeremiah spoke to them in the name of the Lord?

Accepting The Truth Even When It Hurts You

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I pored over the Prophet Jeremiah. I was pained at the reaction of the people and the rejection of the Word of correction. They got angry every time the Prophet opened his mouth. The same Jesus was rejected. Paul was stoned. Stephen was martyred and so on. You see the intolerance of the world to the truth of the gospel.

As the scriptures rightly states that the world hates Christ John 15:18-27

The people today are not different than those in Jeremiah’s day. The persecution for speaking on the Lord’s side is going to get worse than we know it.

Every day on the News we see policies and laws contrary to God’s Word being set up. We see an open mockery of God in the fallen world.

More and more leaders and people in authority rejecting the Lord’s warning.

Journal Prompt

What about us? Are we paying attention to the Lord’s commands in our personal lives?

Have we received the Word in genuineness?

A lot of us turn the deaf ears when we hear the truth. Hardly do we consider the words spoken. Neither do we ask, “what is God expecting of me in this situation? or Does this line up with the Word?”

God vindicated the Word he spoke to Jeremiah. The people were carried away captive because they refuse to seek the Lord. they continued to worship other gods and preferred them above the Lord who had brought them to the Land flowing with milk and honey.

Journal Prompt

Have you forgotten the Lord no that you have become rich, stable or comfortable?

Have Christ the first place in your heart?

The Israelites were defeated by their enemies because they failed to act on the correction unlike the people of Nineveh which we discussed previously.

Why are we bad at receiving the truth? Since the fall of man, the Adamic nature hates the truth. Jesus is the way the truth and the life. John 14:6

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How Should We Respond to the Truth?

Examine the Correction. See the elders calmly restoring peace and examining the message Jeremiah had for them. They set their sentiments aside and scrutinized the word of caution. Recall the King of Nineveh did not waste time in calling for a fast and genuine repentance.

Search the scripture yourself. We get offended many times because we have not taken time to search out the Word and the truth it says. I love that the Bereans didn’t just take Paul’s word as final. They went back to see if those things match up Acts 17:10-12

What is God saying concerning specific issues?

Have we handed the matter correctly?

The Message of Correction is not about the messenger. It is about God and your relationship with him. It is like a child offended when the parent give correction. You see that word of advice is to save the child from going down a destructive path. That same way, God loves us deeply. His timely word of correction is to guide us into the path prepared for us.

His ways are peaceful. The word of God brings healing and salvation. In places where we have fallen, God restores us and puts us on the righteous path.  What does God expect of us? Only that we repent and walk in His ways Jeremiah 26:2-3

Am I in the wrong? We like to defend ourselves whether or not we are right. God desires that we repent and reject his warnings like Cain who after being rebuked with love, turned down Godly wisdom to murder his brother, Abel. Or like Balaam who for the sake of lust, abandoned divine warnings. We have delved deeply into the reason for the anger in previous studies.

May God help us be humble-hearted.

May we be a people tender enough to be corrected.

We cannot deal with anger without uncovering the reason for our internal rage.

Who are you angry with?

Are you offended by hearing the truth your soul needs?

I encourage you to let your heart be circumcised by the Holy Spirit. Healing and transformation happen when we surrender our hearts. Jeremiah 4:4, Colossians 2:11

God’s Word reveal the truth about our struggles and the burden we carry.

Journal Prompt

Would you let Him work on your heart today?

Will you be more yielding towards Godly correction?

Would you embrace those who speak the truth to you rather than despise them?

What do you do when find it difficult to accept the truth? Ask the Lord to make you tender-hearted and humble to hear His Word.

There will always be disagreements in the family, church or community. Choose to stand on the side of the truth even if it slices your heart because the truth will always prevail.

Journal Prompt

Are you angry at God?

Do you think God had failed you in some way?

Are you upset he is taking too long?

In our fast-food, express messaging, quick response generation, we are made to believe waiting is a waste of time and delays equate failure. Sadly, the pressure is real and burgeoned by social media-driven phone lives.

The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance 2 Peter 3:9

Hold on is waiting really as bad as the world makes it seem?

What does God have for his children in the waiting?

Video Learning to Wait

Words of Affirmation.

Teach my heart to wait on you. Make me tenderhearted and supple towards receiving correction.


Father help me to accept the truth of Your Word. Help me to walk free from the bondage of pride and sin. I receive this day freedom from anger in Jesus name. the word of God gets rooted and bears fruit in my life. Father, I forgive all those I feel offended by for speaking the truth I need to hear. I walk in divine obedience in Jesus name. Amen

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