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Anger: Choosing Joy and Peace over Anxiety and worry

Key Scriptures: Matthew 8:25-27, Mark 4:35-41

Devotional Insight: Is it possible to find joy in an annoying situation? Is there joy for you in the storm of life?

How Joy Helps You Overcome Anger

Ever stood on a queue over four hours only to be turned down in the end? Have you waited for the test results and started to feel you were peeing on your self? Heard of a plane crash and all you could think of was fear of flying at all?

The list is endless. Anything and anyone can be trapped in anxiety, impatience, fear, worry, disappointment, all the not too good feelings that come with uncertainty.

We sometimes feel angry because we aren’t sure of the outcome. Our hearts trouble us. We lose sleep.

Anxiety is a recipe for anger, frustration, lashing out unnecessarily etc.

Let’s study verse by verse the Disciples and Jesus conversation on the boat

Imagine the surprise on the disciples faces seeing Jesus sleeping while the storm threatened to sink their boat.

Notice their boat was almost full of water (when you go through the storm)

Jesus was in their boat sleeping and with a pillow (this speaks of peace in the storm)

They woke him possibly out of shock. How could someone be asleep at such a time as this?

“Don’t you care about us?” that question is a bundle of feelings rolled into one sentence.

“We are going to drown”- my question is who told them they were going to perish with the storm. They had prejudged the situation. They had given up hope. They had concluded it was over.

Journal Prompt

Can you in any way relate to the disciples condition?

How do you respond to situations- from a place of peace or from anxiety or anger or fear

Oh girl, we speak like them when we face the storm with little faith in our hearts that we would come out of it.

One could have Jesus in the boat and still be afraid. Why? They looked at the storm and magnified it over Jesus n their boat.

Journal Prompt

Are you looking at Jesus or are you facing the storm on your own?

Are you speaking fear or faith?

Is your anger rooted in fear?

What the disciples did not know. They didn’t realize since Jesus was there in their boat, they were safe.

They were afraid.

They were troubled.

Sister, is Jesus in your boat? If so, then you have no reason you be fear.

Their response was out of internal pressure building up. The mixed feelings of seeing their master fast asleep while all that drama was going on could be provoking.

Here’s what he said in Mark4:40.

They underestimated Jesus’ power in the storm. This one was a kicker. In verse 41 they were afraid. Wondering what manner of man he was that the wind obey him.

Journal Prompt

Do you know who God is?

Do you limit His capability to your human ideologies?

Are you waiting for science to prove that God is real and well able to get you out of that storm?

Sister, it is time to choose joy and peace over that uncertainty.

Here’s what we know:

To face the storm of life including anger storms, we need to walk by Faith.

Daniel 11:32b- those that know their God shall be strong and do exploits. You cant operate in the dimension of faith if you don’t have a personal relationship with God.

Sister, do you know Jesus?

Have you turned from the path of sin and returned to Christ?

Trust in God. There’s no help outside of Christ. As the world is thrown into chaos and people searching for extra-biblical unholy experiences, anchor your heart to the Word and stay right there unmoved.

There are lessons for you in the boat. There are learning beacons in every situation. But are you paying attention to catch them?

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Instead of anger, what is that situation teaching you?

Instead of reacting in fear, can you choose joy and peace instead?

For the disciples that storm experienced exposed their lack of faith.

That experience exposed their worse fears

The fear of death Revelations 21:4, Psalm 23:4

The fear of uncontrollable situations 1 Peter 5:7, Jeremiah 29:11

The fear of unknown and uncertainty. Hebrews 10:35, Proverbs 3:5-6

The fear of disappointment and failure Romans 8:32, Colossians 3:23-25

The fear of being left alone. Psalm 27:10, Romans 31-38

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Replace anger with joy.

Take hold of joy and let go of anxiety and worry

What’s the believer’s power over fear? 2 Timothy 1:7

Five War Room verses over fear

John 14: 27

 Matthew 6:34

Psalm 94:19

Psalm 27:1

Psalm 118:6

Instead of worrying things are not going as you planned, choose joy.

Exchange fear for joy.

Replace that anxiety with joy.

Rejoice in the Lord always: and again I say rejoice Philippains 4:4

Joy comes from knowing Jesus is in that boat with you. Romans 15:13

Joy comes from enjoying His presence no matter the storm. Psalm 16:11

Joy comes from believing the promises of the Lord. Psalm 20:4-5

Joy comes from the Word. John 15:10-12

Joy comes from The Holy Ghost. Romans 14:17, Galatians 5:22-23

Anger would have no place if we sit still and ask the Lord what he has for us in precarious situations. Why because we have learned to live in joy.

When a brother or sister hurts you, when envy, hurt, bitterness, anger, rejection you name it, rise, you are unafraid. You don’t succumb to anger. Choose to respond from a place of peace and joy.

My brethren count it all joy when ye fall into divers temptations; Knowing this that the trying of your faith worketh patience James 1:2-3

Lord, thank you for your Word over fears, anxiety, uncertainty and anger. Thank you for working over my heart  

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Words of Affirmation.

I exchange fear anxiety with Joy and Peace that God gives.


Thank you for the power in the Word. Thank for freedom, peace and joy. Oh Lord, thou has known me from the womb. You know my deepest fears and intimate feelings. Lord rid me from fear, anxiety, anger and anything thought that does not glorify you. Oh, Lord, let your joy fill my heart. Let the Word of God take deep root in my heart in Jesus name. Lord, thank you for being in my boat. Thank you for the reassuring word that you will never leave me nor forsake me. Thank you for being there in every situation. Lord, I surrender all to you today. Take away the root of anger in my life. Pour in your peace. Saturate me with great joy- Joy that can never be taken. Thank you for such a sweet time in your presence in Jesus name.

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