A soothing relief

Encouraging someone in dire need of nothing short of a miracle. There is always someone that needs your soothing words of encouragement. That’s my motivation. 
What do say to someone who has hoped for a long time for some miracle to lift them out of their situation? I figured out sometimes being quiet and just listening may just work.
A compassionate heart is a heart full of love

You cannot touch an aching heart save to close your eyes and ask the Holy Spirit to do His Comforting work. Hmm, I sigh under my breathe. All around us we see families, friends, co-workers who are going through stormy-times. This is no joke; its real. There people, friends, family, spouse out there with little or nothing. There are those in helpess situations.
What can you do?
Brave step is encouragement and prayers.
The world is selfish.
Everyone for his own thing.
When you show a bit of care you may get aggressive responses.
“mind your business”, “its not in your place” and all sorts of comments.
Am sure I’m sure I’m not the only one who have received such comments. If you have, don’t give up. Keep spreading your shine.
You are making a difference even if it is one person at a time.
Friend, Keep shining your light for Jesus.
Keep going there.
Keep walking to the hard places
Blessings to you

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