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A Personal Retreat for Busy Women

I like the idea of going to a solitary place and sitting there in God’s presence, alone, quiet and focused. But in reality that is still on my dream list.

Are you like me? With many people and activities none of which we can check out from easily even if it is just a few hours.

I think of the working moms with little ones to care for.

What about the sister who is an entrepreneur, trying to get the business running.

I know sisters who are care givers for loved ones.

And the woman who battles with illness, debts, running after kids, juggling her job, work life, mom life, ministry life and married life, relationships, how is she going to ever take a break?

How does a retreat work for you and me with over-scheduled diaries?

A time off seems difficult how much more a whole day’s break or a vacation. We don’t have perfect lives. But we need rest for our souls.

I understand there are so many intricacies many beyond our control. Honestly, the last time I had a personal retreat away from home was with a fellowship group while we were undergraduates, pretty long right?

As I grew older, with more responsibilities to take on, it became more difficult to actually find time for a retreat away from home. I am sure I am not the only one who feels this way.

Good news is you and I don’t need to leave our homes before enjoying the benefits of a retreat. You can enjoy a retreat in the midst of regular life demands.

Jesus is our perfect example. Matthew 14:23, Mark 1:35 and Luke 5:16 He had a full thriving life both in ministry and loved ones.   

  • How did He find time to pull away from His busy life schedule?
  • Why did Jesus seek time off alone?
  • Is there something we can learn from Him?
  • How was He able to manage ministry, family and friends and yet fulfil His purpose?

I ran the full online Retreat with a handful of ladies. The Theme was “Heart Home and Faith”. It was an opportunity to start, reflect and plan at the feet of Jesus. Upon request, all the resources we used during the study is now available. The good thing is this 140+ pages of worth can be used at any time. If you intend to use this as a group please note a group license is required. Send me an E-Mail

You can now purchase your Retreat Guide, HERE or click on the image below.

Online Personal Retreat

So what is in a Retreat?

A retreat is a personal time to spend time with God in prayers, word and intercession.

Are you wondering how different it is from your regular Bible Study time?

Truth is, it is not that different but the retreat is a more focused and intentional experience, as you spend more time reflecting, sometimes accompanied by a fast, meditating, praying, seeking answers or clear guidance or God’s Will for specific situations. It requires solitude and quietness away from the normal routine.

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*Kindly note that this is a paid access program to help cover the ministry running costs. Local and International Cards are accepted on Paystack’s secured system. So your payments on the site for books or courses support the ministry. 

I am looking forward to sharing this journey with you…

Purchase Your Retreat Guide

How is this Online Personal Retreat going to run?

Firstly, it is personal. That means it is you and God walking through this journey. All you need is your Bible, your journal and a willing heart.

To help you prepare ahead I prepared the“Retreat Basket”. You can print this at home.

As the theme for the Retreat Guide is “Heart, Home and Faith”. For the next 4 weeks our focus will be to seek God’s Word concerning different areas of Heart, Home and Faith.

The 140+ page Retreat Guide contains Bible Study materials, daily devotionals, interactive questions, reflections, prayer prompts, scriptures for you to dig in, printables and lots of other resources to help you.

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