7 Step Guide To Plan Your Own Personal Retreat: Free Download
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7 Step Guide To Plan Your Own Personal Retreat: Free Download

7 Step Guide To Design Your Personal Retreat

No one is comfortable with uncertainty. As we explored her feelings further, she was able to embrace the reality we cannot change certain things but we can maximize what we have on our hands now- the gift of time.

Never in our very life time have we seen the world come to a screeching halt as this.

We lead busy lives.

Is there a purpose in this?

Could the lockdown be a much needed break to draw in and lean closer to God?

Is it possible to flip the stuck-at-home anxiety with a fruitful Retreat with God?

As you know, one of our biggest struggles in today’s attention-seeking world is Distractions, and they can come in any form.

Can I be honest? Prior to this time, everything in our lives was competing for the barely enough 24 Hours of the day We craved time to get into the word, be there with family, take care of our healthy body, read more, pray, etc.

This is it!

With several cancellations, rescheduled itinerary, we have the opportunity to utilize this sacred moment into meaningful life-changing time. Instead of panic, fear, and anxiety, let’s take time out to dig in deeper and lean closer to God. What better way than a Family Retreat or Personal Retreat!

If you are looking for a space to just breathe, this is for you. I encourage you to seize the time you’ve got now and make good use of it.

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If you don’t understand the concept of a Retreat. A Personal Retreat is more than just studying through although Bible Study is an integral part of it.

A Retreat includes Bible study, prayers, meditation, action plans, journaling, scripture writing, fasting among other things.

It helps give clarity and purpose for the journey ahead.

It refreshes the soul and nourishes the spirit in deeper ways.

Busy women can enjoy all the amazing benefits of a Personal Retreat.

Do you need to get out of your home to have one?

No, you don’t. What you need is intentionally carving out time, space and a workable plan to have one.

The good thing you can have your Personal Retreat from a corner of your home.

A Personal Retreat is necessary for the well-watered soul and healthy mind.

Does it have to take a particular structure?

No, there are many women in different seasons of life and with different needs. It is difficult to fit every woman into one big mold.

I strongly advisable you adopt a structure that accommodates other priorities in your life.  

Prior to the COVID-19 break, I and a handful of ladies participated in the last Personal Retreat here. It was a much-needed pause fitted for the New Year.

With a weekly guide sent weekly for four weeks. We have a 140+ page Retreat Guide for Heart, Home and faith with templates, journals and lots all rolled into one document as well as a Pre-Retreat Basket to help walk you through. All these for only $20. You can purchase directly via Paypal HERE

Dear woman, you can design your own retreat plan. No kidding!

In this 7 Step Guide To Design Your Personal Retreat, I share simple tools and plan to help you not only get started but to accomplish a great deal.

Here is the thing, I am giving it away to you for free.

Get Your Free Guide Now

7 Step Guide To Design Your Personal Retreat

Have you ever had a Personal Retreat before?

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