7 Prayers When You Are Weary in The War Room

7 Prayers When You Are Weary in The War Room

My friend hardly asks for help. We both love to pray whenever we get the chance to but there were lots of challenges in the last few months. The enemy had kept us busy fighting in all directions. Friend, behind the screen are real lives, real challenges, and real people with real faith too.
If you love to pray, you may discover that many times other people take over your praying schedule. In fact there are moments you needs are lost and there seem to be so much to pray for.
As an intercessor sometimes the ministry can be overwhelming praying for others, pouring your heart constantly in the place of prayer and sometimes counselling alongside leaves you with less and less space for your own needs.

If you are here in your prayer life right now know this;
It is wisdom that makes the difference in  your war room; the wisdom to find balance in the pull and thug of meeting prayer requests, messages and lists and more personal needs.
Every fruitful Christian Life and Ministry thrives on prayers.
Are you an intercessor? You need prayers too!
Every intercessor needs to find that balance and fight to keep it in check. You can’t solve people’s problems including yours. It is God that meets our needs. Remember, you are only a vessel.
If you are like my friend and you want to tuck it all in. You want to hide it all away and appear super strong. I understand but I also know ….
You can’t keep fighting your battles alone….
You pray for others, the church,
You pray for your family,
You pray for ministry, children
You need Praying Friends!
As watchmen, we contend with the enemy at the gates. Mighty deliverance take place in the place of prayers. Who says the enemy was going to be happy with you?
Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour:   1 Peter 5:8
For effective ministry, spiritual warfare requires that you are consistent, refueled, and vibrant in your war room.
Are you fighting solo?
Are you weary in your war room?
Are you struggling to find balance in your prayer life?
Why should you pray for yourself as an intercessor?
       1.  Sometimes you get weary. Elijah was weariness and exhausted. The battle line was drawn he was fighting alone and his strength was failing. We share the same passions for ministry just like him.
When he thought he was alone, God opened his eyes to see there were people taking a stand for the truth just like he was.
 And he said, I have been very jealous for the Lord God of hosts: because the children of Israel
have forsaken thy covenant, thrown down thine altars, and slain thy prophets
with the sword; and I, even I only, am left; and they seek my life, to take it
away. 1 Kings 19:14
 2.  The enemy lurks in the corner. He tries to take advantage of our weaknesses but by God we overcome all the darts he shoots at us. We sometimes get tempted but by His Grace we overcome.
 3.  What if there is Filth. Joseph was a priest who loved God (Zechariah3). He stood before God for the people but something held him back from gaining full access to God’s presence.
      It was his filthy garments!
       What filth is the accuser is using against you in your war room?
 His garments needed a change. Maybe be your garment needs a change like Joseph. Or May be the washing with hyssop like Psalm 51 would do. Whatever the case, the Lord will take every filth away in Jesus Name.
      4. There are unusual needs for unusual warfare. Recently, in my war room, many prayers have been based on Galatians 5. Embedded in this chapter was one prayer that turned my war room around.
     5. Your Needs Are Just as Important. I admit I sometimes play down on my own needs. But that’s not right! Apostle Paul prayed for his own challenges even though he prayed for others.
Here are a few prayers you can start with;
7 Prayers For The Praying Woman
A Prayer for Strength: Lord, fill me with strength. Refuel my prayer tank and rekindle the fire of my prayer life in Jesus name. Let every weariness in my life be touched by your unfailing strength.
A Prayer for Fresh Fire: Lord Jesus, pour out fresh fire on my life. Let your anointing fall on me. Make me a fire brand and equip me for the battle that lies ahead in Jesus name. Keep me hot and on fire for you O Lord.
A Prayer for Praying Friends: Father, bring praying sisters into my life. Let there be a divine connection to great friendship with divine purpose. Draw hearts that burn for you close to my life in Jesus name.
A Prayer for Consistency: Dear Jesus, help me be consistent in your presence.  Encourage and strengthen me in the areas where I feel weak in Jesus name
A Prayer for Holiness and Purity: Keep my heart, my mind and my soul pure before your holy presence. Let me find grace in your sight and may my garments be white, pure and spotless before you.
A Prayer for Higher Grounds: Lord, bid me to draw nearer to thee in Jesus name. I can’t come near save by your grace, let your great grace lead me to the Rock that is higher than I in Jesus Name. 
A Prayer for Full Benefits: As I stand in the place of prayers for others, may I not lose my reward. The husband man is he first partaker of the fruits of the vine. Father let me reap the reward of serving the saints in Jesus name.
Are you a Wife who needs to stand in the gap for her home?
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  • My favorites are #2 and #3. Sometimes I’m just tired and I forget that I can ask God to power me up to pray again! And we are so desperate for friends that will pray with us and for us…and just be people of prayer alongside us!

  • I wish you’ve written this when my faith was wavering. LOL. Thank you still. A beautiful reminder of the power of prayers.

    • Thanks dear friend. Praying you continue in faith.
      Hearty Blessings to you

  • Thank you for these reminders Ifeoma. We need to let the Lord show us His Care and protection for us, even as we pray for others. It’s too easy to get weary in that praying, and we do need support! I’m so thankful that we can pray for each other!

    • Thank you Bettie.
      Grateful for your testimony, sister.

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