Day 1- 30 Days of Gratitude

Day 1- 30 Days of Gratitude

30 Days Online Thanksgiving

We begin our 30 Days of Gratitude throughout this month. It has been a long year. A blend of bitter and sweet for me. None of our experiences in life can diminish God’s goodness.

I would be adding the links for the 30 days here. I recommend you bookmark this post for later!

What to expect is bite-sized thankful devotionals, prayer prompt and key verses

Bible Reading: Psalm 135:5

Day 1: The Greatness of God

What has the year looked like overall?

There had been unexpected circumstances including the loss of loved ones, changes within the family, family life, work and studies are the topmost of what I experienced. There were amazing wins too! Notice how easy it easy to focus on all the quakes of life and fail to recognise the good stuff happening in simple moments.

What did the year look like for you?

In the midst of these, the one word that lingered in my soul was undistracted. You see, failures and unexpectedness can be a distraction if we let them. I had let myself become distracted by the events unfolding.

Idols are everywhere including the ones we set up in our hearts unknowingly.

Mine was worry and anxiety. As the Lord opened my eyes to how I was letting the present circumstances overtake my worship life, I humbled myself in the place of prayer.

Have you unknowingly created idols?

Has your life been overrun by chores, errands, endless to-do lists etc.?

This is an invitation to set your eyes upon Jesus. Think of His greatness.  

What am I grateful for?

As we begin our 30 days thankfulness journey, I’d like for us to ponder on the Greatness of God.

I am thankful for His greatness regardless of whatever my family faced.

It doesn’t matter how unexpected life happened. God’s greatness is nothing compared to the temporary setbacks and oppositions we face.

Nothing can ever be compared with the greatness of God.

Prayer prompt: Thank God for His Greatness.

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