30 Days of Gratitude- The Joy of the Lord
Bible Study Devotions

30 Days of Gratitude- The Joy of the Lord

Day 2- 30 Days of Gratitude. Today let's be thankful for the joy of the Lord

Bible Reading: 1 Samuel 2:1

I didn’t begin this series because I had planned it out earlier. Being in that state of uncertainty, I remembered the faithfulness of God. I had not been intentional in keeping tabs on God’s goodness.

This intentional gratitude counter was borne out of the feeling of overwhelm I experienced.

Gratitude helps you overcome weariness and exhaustion.

Dear friend, imagine God has a meter to measure our gratitude tank.

How full or empty is your gratitude tank?

If you have not felt thankful, you are not alone in this boat. Ingratitude robs us of the joy of the moment.

Cheer up sister, it is not too late to count the manifold blessings of the Lord.

Dear friend, come and let’s rest in God’s presence.

Let us reminisce on all the Lord has done in spite of life unexpectedness.

Pause and Ponder on Hannah’s story.

Hannah had gone through a terrible season of dryness and barrenness.

Do you know what that feels like? discouragement, emptiness, loneliness, unaccomplished just to name a few. These do not remain in the life of a believer forever.

Thoughts of gratitude keep your heart anchored to peace while in the storms.

Prayer prompt: Lord let my heart know gratitude in good days and in the hard seasons.


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