How To Become A Prudent Woman in An Ungodly World

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The prudent man forseeth the evil, and hideth (herself): but the simple pass on, and are punished Proverbs 22:3

Now is not a time to be careless. The handwriting is on the wall, with everything going on right now, what you need is not more of the world but more of living intentionally for Christ.

Each year, I am making this a habit to retreat and find solace in God’s presence. There’s no better way to enter a new season than soaked and nourished with the Word.

That’s where strength and grace needed for the journey is released.

That’s where we are equipped to soldier on.

Are you longing to just breathe and grow?

Are you carrying the burden of anxiety, worry or uncertainty?

You should be a part of this 2021 The Prudent Woman Retreat.

Register for the Prudent Woman Retreat

We know it has been a difficult season, but God’s grace has been sufficient for us. Our heart desire is to encourage women to walk in faith. You should not miss this.

All the women contributors poured their hearts out for this RETREAT! Working months before, they have pulled together their very best contents just for you to sit and sup alongside with the Word.

Register for the Prudent Woman Retreat

What to Expect in The Prudent Woman Retreat?

**40 Intensive Workshops with Prayers and Word Feast

**Video discussions to go along with many workshop resources

**Morning and Evening Sessions

**Free printable templates and journals

**Rich Ebooks to help you grow deeper in your faith walk

**A Personal Retreat Basket with everything to help you get ready for this retreat.

How do You Access the Retreat?

Guess what, you are getting to all these for free!

There’s no catch, we are only extending and sharing our gifts to you out of the abundant grace God has shown us. Talk about Great Grace!

Register HERE.

How will The Prudent Woman Retreat run?

This is a Personal Online Retreat. We are not gathering anywhere on social media because we want you to spend time intentionally with the Word. We will provide you the Study Guide, Videos, Prompts and Prayers etc while you enjoy the Word deeply each session.

this is Online so all resources will be sent via email. It is a good idea to add us to your mailing list so our mails don’t end up in spam folder.

When you get registered, you will have Personal Retreat Basket sent to you before January 4th to help you get prepared.

We aim to send you resources weekly especially during the weekends in January.

How long is the Prudent Woman Retreat?

This is an Online Personal Retreat scheduled to run for 4 Weeks.

The Prudent Woman Retreat officially kicks off from January 4th to 31st 2021

How Should I Approach This Study

We do understand that everyone is going through a different life season and one size fit all approach may not serve well.

With that said, we designed this Personal Retreat to be a self-paced Word study.

This means you can slow down or choose to dive into these resources at your own time.

Some women enjoy running Word Retreat like these in a company of liked minded sisters. You can do this in a fellowship or community. You are free to let us know specific Retreat needs or support you may require.

Help! I have never had a Personal Retreat?

I have in the time past collected lots of useful resources to help you understand what a spiritual retreat is about. these are some useful links and free resources you can start with.

A Personal Retreat For Busy Women

6 Powerful Ways A Retreat Helps You In A New Season

7 Step Guide To Plan Your Own Retreat

Who are the Facilitators?

Our sister friends are seasoned Bible Study and mission-minded women are happy to share God’s wisdom with you.

They are mothers, sisters and girlfriends who love the Lord just like you and who are willing to open the doors of their hearts and have sit comfortably and share the Word with you.

Learn more about our contributors HERE

Got More Questions?

If you encounter any problems with your signups or accessing resources please ask Ashley from Undoubted Grace, our community manager, or

A Wonderful Christmas Bible Study

Meanwhile, our Advent Video Series have begun already. I hope you grab a copy of the New Bible Study and let’s dig in together.

A Wonderful Christmas: 12 Days of Advent Journey starts here

Join us for an eventful Christmas this year on our Facebook Page every week day for 12 Days only at 7pm West African Time

Grab a copy of your Christmas Study “A Wonderful Christmas”

How about an intentional Advent gathered around friends around the world?

By His Great Grace, Ifeoma Samuel

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