I am glad you still it here. For the next 31 days in December we are discussing these amazing secrets I found out to living happier and more fulfilled.  These secrets are also my personal tips tried and trusted. We will take this journey together and with God’s Help see what wonderful gifts await.
I dare you to implement these secrets and give me your feedback.
Day 30


Redeeming the time, because the days are evil.

Ephesians 5:16

It is wisdom to take stock of your life. To
re-evaluate, plan and strategise.
We discussed “Prayerfully break all holds barring
you from being you in your life” yesterday. Today, I will leave you with some
thoughtful points that will help in yourself reflection
Choose to succeed and live a fulfilled life. Life
and death are in the mouth. What choice do you make?

You have gone through this series; write out all
the things you have learnt and act.

Re-visit your priorities. What changes and adjustments
are you willing to make?
Write out a personal manifesto and vision; hold
fast to your vision.

Be Intentional about living a fulfilled life. You
have a choice to live a fulfilled life. Why not choose that good portion today.

Being a doer is more important than mere reading.
God bless you.

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God Bless and Thanks for Reading.
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