Why You Should Silence the Lies Of The Enemy
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Why You Should Silence the Lies Of The Enemy

Ever been told something nasty about someone you trust?

I’m sure you have heard side talks about you that thing make any sense at all.

You know you are not alone every time you read through the Genesis. Eve was told the greatest lie ever about someone she had trusted. Genesis 3:1-6

She had an unhindered relationship with her maker. Not until the serpent stepped into the scene.

The Mistake — Eve gave the serpent an audience.

In what way are you giving the serpent an audience?

He made her doubt God and His Faithfulness.

He got her to think there was some secret God hid from her.

He got her to carry out his agenda!


What if Eve had taken her questions to God?

What if she waited a while before going on with her decision?

What if she never thought God had some hidden truth?


The lies were whispered.

The words grew into a seed.

The heart nurtured it until it became a sin.

Our hearts process words, nurtures seeds but we can choose what seeds we let grow. We can choose what words are tether. 

The enemy lost his place with God and wants us to lose ours. The devil is never happy when God’s people are in thriving relationship with God and at peace with others.

Whether its in marriage, or friendship, or choices the enemy manipulates through lies.


He throws in the carrot, you catch them and begin feasting…when it’s all done you realize it’s poison you’ve chewed on.


What kind of a lie have you believed, self doubt, like Gideon seeking signs?


Are they those lies that make you doubt in the ability of God or in His Sovereignty, like Sarah’s laughter?


Or are the lies of condemnation and hopelessness like those that remind you how unworthy or unpleasant or ugly your past is or about the mistakes in your life, like the woman caught in adultery?


Or do you believe the lies of comparison, body image inadequacies, past guilt and mistakes. unforgiveness?


Lies focus on your weaknesses or on those of others, but the truth fixes your eyes on Christ and what He has done for you.

Lies are meant to destabilize your faith and entangle you in the enemy’s mesh.

Lies compromise your relationship with God and others. Lies weaken your faith life. Lies adversely affect you physically.

Eve entertained those lies you know how it landed us here. The enemy has being around long enough to know the same old tricks traps the human kind. So he keeps using the same lines.


Do you see why you need to silence those lies?


Thankfully, there is a way to silence those lies. It is with the Word!

It doesn’t matter how long you have heard them, or how much damage they have done, there is power in the name of Jesus to break the chains and bondage of lies.


I am excited about our upcoming 4 Weeks Bible Study, “How to Overcome the Lies Of The Enemy With the Word”. I would love for you to be a part of it.

Get all the Details and Materials for free when you sign up. Although this is optional, you can secure your spot in our private Whatsapp group for this Bible Study.

  • Yeeesss Ifeoma!! I have got to be so careful of the lies I allow to eat away at me. If I do not cover myself in prayer, I easily fall prey to so many thoughts that the enemy plants, BUT GOD!

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