Why You Need To Study Your Bible
Bible Study

Why You Need To Study Your Bible

The Bible for many years has been misinterpreted, misrepresented and misused. Lately, fewer and fewer believers actually open up their bibles to read let alone give time to study the Word for themselves.

Why You Should Study Your BIBLE. "Don't just go to church" or "listen to the Pastor says",it's high time you got into the Word for yourself.  Subscribe on YouTube to watch all the videos in this Bible Study Course😊

At best most stick to the popular verses and hold on to well know stories. We are comfortable just scratching the surface of God’s Word for our life. There in your hand is a powerful sword, the Bible. A weapon the enemy dreads because He knows what will happen when we wield our sword.

There are many reasons why you and I should take Bible Study seriously. In the first video in this course, “Why You Need to Study Your Bible“. I shed light on some of the benefits of getting into the Word.

If you are just joining in this free Video Bible Study course >>READ MORE<< I would love for you to Subscribe to our YouTube channel so you don’t miss any part of this course. There are over 7 videos in this course all for free!! Also, watch this space for free Bible Study resources coming soon.

Take a listen.

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  • Love this Ifeoma. So many good reasons to stay in God’s word – hope, encouragement, knowledge, correction and of course to fight the enemy. You nailed it!

    • Thank you sis 😊
      i hope you love the course thus far?

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