When You Want To Believe The Lies Of The Enemy
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When You Want To Believe The Lies Of The Enemy

What is the biggest lie you’ve ever heard about your life?

Which lies taunts you?

Quite frankly, I heard a lot to last a life time. 

Whether in marriage and marital choices, or family life, or in parenting, or health, lies foster and thrive on fears and insecurity.

Lies establish control on their victims.

But the Truth gives us freedom to live in Christ Jesus.


One sure trouble with believing the lies of the enemy is captivity;

It holds you captive in your thoughts, captive in the way you act, captive in fear…


What do you do when you are tempted to believe those sneaky terrible lies?

You can shut the enemy up with this powerful scripture.

In this video I share all about this powerful set of verses. 

I should let you know that it took a while for this scripture to sit, settle and spring up life in my soul. Listen below. If you are reading via e-mail please follow This link 

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This Study has lots of free resources available for easy download. 


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  • Love these verses to combat the lies the devil tries to tell us Ifeoma. We definitely have to stay grounded in the word so that we do not buy into the foolishness that Satan will try to throw our way.

    • Thank you my sis…. well said.

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