The Power of The Story Behind Your Scars

The Power of The Story Behind Your Scars

Anyone who knows my daughter easily identifies her ability to spin out bucket full of questions. And honestly, sometimes I have a hard time coming up with answers. 

On this day, she stared at me for a while …and said what is this, pointing at a scar she noticed on my leg.

It’s called ‘a scar’….I replied

How did you get it? She asked.

I took a bit of time to recount a childhood experience that I would not
forget, at least not in a hurry.

As I narrated my story, she listened with rapt
attention. Her desire to make sense of my experience was written on her face.

I felt good having something to say about my
childhood experience to my daughter. 

Even though it wasn’t a pleasant one, deep down I was
satisfied she could learn a thing or two from it.

I imagine that’s how Apostle Paul felt sharing his
missionary journeys in his letters. He must have felt satisfied knowing that
the readers would find hope through those words.

Countless times he speaks of pressing ahead, rejoicing,
holding on, encouraging one another and other hope-filled expressions. 

One particular scripture speaks to my heart every time I try to piece together events favorable or not, is Philippians 3:13-14 … We are reminded of the need to keep pressing ahead despite what life throws at us

Brethren, I count not
myself to have apprehended: but this one thing I do, forgetting those things
which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before,
I press toward the
mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.

Philippians 3:13-14
In all Apostle Paul beautifully summarised the lesson from his experiences.

 Not that I speak in
respect of want: for I have learned, in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be
 I know both how to be abased, and I
know how to abound: every where and in all things I am instructed both to be
full and to be hungry, both to abound and to suffer need.

Philippians 4:11-12

Apostle understood the power of the story behind the scars he got during ministry…whether it was the disappointment or deceit of fellow believers.

Although our scars may not bring back
pleasant memories, but something about our scars should ring the “Bells of hope

There is power in sharing the story behind our

There is hope that comes through sharing our stories.

Our stories remind us of how far we have come.

Our stories helps us connects the dots and help us see how God delicately weaves our life frame

How Do You Share Your Story?

>> Don’t do it with regret…because it weakens hope.

>> Share your story and be a hope-giver to others

>> Share every story that gives glory to the greatest
story-giver, God.

>> Share your story with the right ears…hearts who want
to learn more about how God’s faithfulness pulled you out of hard times.

Join me in “Overcome Failure: Get Back On Your
Feet” and share your own story! 

This book is for the one who has a story to
It is for those struggling to see the beauty in their stories.

By His Great Grace,

Ifeoma Samuel.
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  • Yes! I love finding hope in my affliction or later be able to share hope with someone else because of my experience. Thanks for sharing at the #LMMLinkup.

  • It is not always easy to be bold faced and let it all hang out. our scars do encourage others, perhaps to learn from our story. Willing to Learning and to have a teachable attitude is important. Many saints in the Bible had scars, but they teach us what to avoid, or how to do a better job. Thank you for your lovely post shared here at Tell me a Story. I am glad your daughter was such a good listener.

  • "Although our scars may not bring back pleasant memories, but something about our scars should ring the "Bells of hope"."

    Love this!!

  • Our scars hold such deep stories, yes? Thanks for sharing this because it reminds me to be more thankful of my scars, not resentful of them. Have a blessed week, Ifeoma!

  • Thanks for linking this post up with Booknificent Thursday on! Beautiful.

  • So beautiful Ifeoma. We all have scars – some noticeably like yours and mine (from a trampoline accident, falling down the stairs, and just recently a glass cutting my fingers), but it's those hidden scars you talk about that are a testimony – those God has brought us through. "Bells of hope". I love that and sit here thinking of all the scars He has made "bells of hope" for my family.

  • Such an encouraging post, Ifeoma. I love the line '…something about our scars should ring the bells of hope'. Yes, when we remember all that God has brought us through we should be filled with hope, and sharing those stories may infuse hope into a wandering soul who is struggling to come out at the other end. Thanks for the reminder to be open – all for his glory.

  • A beautiful post, Ifeoma. This particularly struck a chord: ">> Don’t do it with regret…because it weakens hope." It's only in the last few weeks, I've been able to look back on all I've been through and see God's hand upon each and every detail, and seeing it more and more with His eyes, I see so much more beauty than before. He truly does have a good, good plan for each one of us.

  • In every scar there is a story. In the telling and retelling – each flashback serves as fresh encouragement for the days ahead. Even, and perhaps especially if the only thing we can say is 'I survived.' Love this post. Thanks for linking up at #GiveMeGrace

  • I think connecting our past, present, and future are inevitable we simple need to do the work. In other words, having a story to tell and telling it is important, because as you said, it's important to share and give knowledge or hope or language (even) to someone else. You never really know what or how your story may impact someone 🙂

  • Wonderful connection about how we need to share our past and still provide hope. Thanks for sharing with the Cozy Reading Spot

  • There really is "power in the story behind the scar." Thank you, Ifeoma, for inspiring and encouraging by your example. Many blessings to you!

  • I couldn't agree more.

  • This was lovely (and true). Thank you.

  • Our scars tell stories that can bring hope to others for sure! I once heard God turns our scars into stars-a bright light in the dark world. Thank you for sharing your story. I look forward to reading your book which I have as an e-read currently!

  • These are helpful guidelines, and there is great power in sharing our stories, and in hearing others' too.

    • 8 years ago

    "Our stories remind us of how far we have come…and help us see how God delicately weaves our life frame".
    How true this is! It is encouraging to be able to see progress. And God is an amazing weaver, masterfully placing the dark and the light and the colorful threads in all the right places for a beautiful design!

  • Love the story-sharing guidelines, Ifeoma!

    Just this evening my wife remarked on just how MANY scars I have. Burns, bullet woulds, knife woulds, shrapnel, and burns.

    But I figure I have a lot of skin left for more, and I'll use up my body and life until there's nothing left.

    #2 at FMF this week.

  • I've always loved my physical scars, but it's the heart scars I've been looking at recently…how do you speak those out. But, I guess the thing about scars is that they are healed. Heart wounds are harder to know about. What do you think?

  • We're so vulnerable when we open our hearts here on the web. Thanks for this reminder that when we "open a vein" and share our story that others are helped and the naked sharing is not for nothing.

  • I'm really thankful I found your blog through #livefreethursday! I've just revamped my own blog and am finding that posts like these are giving me so much purpose for my pursuit of writing/blogging! And I love the prompt to tell stories with hope- like we've learned something in the process! "Don't do it with regret…because it weakens hope" Ahhhh- a thousand times yes!

    Thanks again!

  • To share the stories that make us who we are help to make us real to others. Thank you for reminding me that hiding from others is really hiding from myself, and I do not want that.
    Praising God for your openness.

  • Hi Ifeoma … I love those 4 guidelines to sharing our story. These make us wise and discerning and heighten the hope that our own trials can be redeemed and give another hope.

  • Thank you so much for the encouragement that you have brought to us to continue to tell our stories–really, HIS story in us! And, how precious to be able to share with your daughter parts of your own story! –Blessings to you today!

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