The Power Of Mentoring

The Power Of Mentoring

A lot of times we think we need the pulpit to share our story when all we need is a table. A table of grace and hope.
The Power of mentoring. Why you should share your story.
Our stories are compelling because they are testimonies of the power of the Gospel. We don’t share our stories for the sake of storytelling we share because someone may get inspired from hearing them.
Recall the Samaritan woman in John 4 who over the course of a few hours inspired a whole city simply by telling about how she met Jesus and what He did for her.
Your story can bring a revival to one person at a time or to even a whole community. 
We are not all called to be Pastors but we’ve got evangelism on our hearts. You have your testimonies of what Jesus did for you.
You have a voice and the best pulpit to share is right there in your heart.
All you need is a table and one person to sit across it. 
You can mentor one person today. Choose to share your story of hope and grace just have you have received it.
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What has your mentoring or being mentored being like?

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  • I am being followed by a few of the young women at church, so I must be careful to keep them pointed at Jesus and not me. These ‘girls’ are helping me with my new smart phone to record the Wednesday message at our Praying Over our City Meeting. It goes out live on FaceBook, and many of them share it. These messages are separate from my series, “Who is Jesus?” which is also going out on YouTube. They ask me how and when did I get the message for this day. I tell them, The Holy Spirit gives me a title, and a verse, an example, and it goes from there. Usually as I lay on my Bed and meditate after reading my Bible and drinking a cup of coffee. on the day prior to the meeting. A week ago, the Lord gave me a “WORD” that i thought was for the congregation, sort of a prophesy, so I went forward during the worship time. Jacki ran to stand next to me, to be a part of what ever she thought might happen. (I didn’t realize her motive but later she told me.) When I was not recognized, I accepted the fact and returned to my seat. The Lord said, now write it down and I will add to it because it is for Wednesday. Usually I don’t get anything that soon, like the day before Wed. I am so happy you are doing your Kitchen series for YouTube. We should take advantage of all these wonderful opportunities with only a small investment of money and time.

  • Ifeoma … I love this emphasis on blooming right where we’re planted. We don’t need to be in a church staff or have a bunch of initials after our name to share the love of Christ!

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