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The Invitations

I pulled out these stack of post cards I had received from my sweet friends in the US. They were so inviting especially the one with a cute doggie photo cover. I spent a couple of minutes admiring the cover page.

Not long I realised I had spent valuable time sitting and rubbing my fingers over the alluring cover and laughing quietly.

A few days later, it dawned on me that I couldn’t remember the exact words written in it. But of course I could still see the cute doggie photos.

What is the whole point of receiving a message from across the pond and not spend time with the words that were written in it for me?

I hope I’m not the only one who does that?

We receive good notes in cute journals or emails or letters but never take out time to actually open them, absorb and process the message.

Many of us at best we glance through.

And like me, maybe you are overly distracted by the covers and hardly get to the real message and contents of the package soon enough.  

Like the post cards, there are many invitations we miss because we didn’t know they were meant for us in the first place; others we turn down for our own personal reasons and other invitations we accept but never show up!

Watch the Short Introductory Video Here (sorry about the picture quality 🙄 )


But these set of invitations are not to be refused even though… you retain complete ownership of your choice.

Invitations from the Lord Jesus are open doors to bravely unlocking doors of unlimited opportunities and with limitless access.

In the least favourite places, we find Him sweetly giving us a hand and yet with another He offers us invitations. Many places He bids us to ‘come’.

From Matthew 11:28 and several other scriptures, we will search out many other ‘Bold Invitations’ we need to accept.

Bravely, because it requires surrendering our time, risking our commitment and replacing fear when we take them on.

Unlimited opportunities, because everything we ever need is right there in Him.

Limitless access because God never shuts us away from some aspects of our heritage in Him.

In a few words, accepting God’s invitations requires a brave heart to embrace unlimited opportunities with a boundless access.

Are you brave enough?

 It is my desire that Jesus opens our hearts to receive these invitations wholeheartedly.

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Prayer: May we find hope, restoration and a renewed purpose for living and a desperate passion to fulfil our calling in Jesus name. Amen!

By His Great Grace,

Ifeoma Samuel 


Day 1 : An Invitation To Drink 

Day 2: An Invitation To Acceptance 

Day 3: An Invitation To Dwell 

Day 4: An Invitation To Wholeness 

Day 5: An Invitation For A Miracle 

Day 6: An Invitation To Freedom

Day 7: An Invitation To Rest

Day 8: An Invitation To Risk Everything

Day 9: An Invitation For The Undeserving

Day 10: An Invitation To The Believe The Impossible

Day 11: An Invitation To Speak

Day 12: An Invitation To Serve

Day 13: An Invitation For A Seeker

Day 14: An Invitation For A Relationship

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