The greatest gifts for your kids this season

Have you been in thoughts concerning the gifts for
this year? 
I have too and friend sometimes it is tiring just looking at the beautiful
toys and gift items on display. 
I wish I could get all those items for
everyone especially my kids at the orphange home.
Well, it is not about the gift right? 
It is about the
heart and intentions of every gift that we hand out.
But thinking more deeply, I ask myself- what is the
greatest gift we can give our kids is?
What is the greatest gift you can give your children?
Think about it for a minute or two…
The greatest gift at this time has to be something memorable
The gift have got to last a life time?
It has to maintain its relevance
The gift should remind our kids of us
The greatest gift should be something they too can
give their children
Can you think of anything?
Some family traditions maintain items, like memorabilia,
within the family that are handed over from one generation to the next. 
My granddad gave me my very first Bible. While I was
younger, I questioned his reasoning. I wondered how a book could be of so much
value. I would have chosen education or something more substantial.
‘Why grandfather?’
His answer was 

“the Bible is the best gift anyone
could ever

 give his children because in it is everything 
you will ever need in
But as I grew older I realise grandfather’s answer
is just as true and as wise as it was then.
I learnt in a simple way that the greatest gift to
hand over to our children is the gift of the Bible.
In the Bible is everything my children will ever
need to make it through this dark world.
Whether in my presence or absence I know God’s
Word will preserve them and lead them.
The Bible in our hands is The Greatest Gift we can give our children
God in the lives of our children is the greatest
legacy we can leave behind.
The Word of God is the absolute guarantee that our
kids will be safe after we are gone.
If we choose education, in it is no salvation.
If we choose real estate and structures, it is not
risk free.
If we choose possessions, it is not without depreciation of value
The Word of God is priceless, ever new, forever
valuable, unchanging, risk free, without side effects… I could go on and on.
Let us choose the greatest gift for our kids.

Why does your gift matter in this season?
At this time in the world, the Truth has become unpopular and the love of God is gone cold. 
This is a period when the truth is scarce and men are not willing to stand for it.
As the world is winding down, evil is pressing hard. 
The ONLY hope for our children in this generation is God’s Word. 
Every thing else will fail… 
Only The Word will remain.. Amen
By His Great Grace,
Ifeoma Samuel

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