The Good Soil
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The Good Soil

I have some water-leaves growing indiscriminately around the house. I observed a few did better than the others. I have been tempted to pull them out but I’m hesitant hoping they will survive I water them from time to time.

Those that did better were on better soil. Same plants, same care but different soils and different outcomes.

Does this remind you of the parables of Jesus?

I love the story styled teachings of Jesus. He would share an analogy that perfectly fits the message. 

Bible Reading: Matthew 13:3-23


Let’s see four different women as Jesus describes the sower who spreads the seeds on four different places.

The Woman on the Way-Side. She hears the Word but her heart doesn’t understand the Word let alone applying it. The fouls came and picked the seeds off.  


Jesus describes the fouls as the wicked one. The enemy knows the only way to defeat him is through the word and he would fight to make sure that you don’t get to have the Word planted in your soul.

Ask the Holy Spirit to plant the Word in your soul. Ask Him to teach you the Word and open your eyes of understanding.


The Woman in the Stony Place. She has no root. The woman here joyfully receives the Word. She is excited but the Word doesn’t find it’s place on surface. It has got to reach down to your soul.

There will be tribulations and persecutions. Hard times would come. It takes the Word rooted in you to overcome. Again, we see the importance of the Word.

We will be offended over and over sometimes by the world, or by the enemy or even by other believers in faith. Truth, offense would come but stand by the Word.

The Word prepares us for the hard times to come. An Anchored Woman is deeply rooted in the Word.


The Woman in the Thorny place.

Thorns as Jesus describes are the cares of this World. Many moms would agree with me that our source of worry from family to work to marriage, to kids either for children’s future, income, bills, married life, home demands etc.

Another thing that chokes the Word is the deceitfulness of riches.

Ha! Where is the world headed? Prosperity! The sad reality in our day is our generation is consumed by the deceit that riches.

Our faith journey is not only for us. We are to be fruitful in our faith walk. This reveals another aspect of our journey, fruitfulness.

Is your faith fruitful?

Is the Word yielding fruit in your life?



The Woman on the Good Soil. Amen. She hears the Word. She understands the Word. Alas, She bears fruit some hundred fold, some sixty some thirty fold.

In a good number of places the Scriptures refer to bearing fruit. John 15:1-5, 15

To be fruitful, you need to be a woman that abides in the Word.

To be fruitful, you need to grow the  seven virtues as described  in 2 Peter 4-10. If a woman have all these she would neither be barren nor unfruitful in the knowledge of Christ.

Can we be that Woman on the Good Soil?

As in the parable of Jesus, it starts and begins with the condition of your heart. For you to be anchored on the Word, your heart has to be right with God.

 A right attitude to the Word and a ready heart.


Hope for the Woman on the Way-Side.

For the woman who finds her heart lacking understanding in the Word, the Holy Spirit is our teacher. There’s no man that can do the work of the Holy Spirit in your life.


Hungry for the Word, You will be filled.

Thirsty for the Water of Life, He will give you freely. (Matthew 5:6)


Hope for the Woman in the Stony Place.

In the midst of tribulations, tests and trials, we want to give up. The pressures of life can choke our faith if we do not take time to keep growing and developing in our spiritual life.


  • Spiritual growth takes time and intentionality. Just as we tend our physical bodies, we should tend our spiritual life. 1 Peter 2:2


  • Don’t faint in the day of adversity Proverbs 24:10


  • Endure the hardness 2 Timothy 2:3


  • Nothing separates us from God’s love not even your persecutions Romans 8:35


  • You would be able to comfort others in difficulty. (2 Corinthians 1:4)


  • Rejoice even in your sufferings, the glory would be revealed. (1 Peter 4:13 and 1 Peter 1:6-7)


Hope For the Woman among Thorns.

Ah! We are busy as moms, as wives as women, sadly life is getting busier. The commercials, worldly ideologies, motivational speeches and social media make it far worse. We look at all these and perceive we are falling behind in our lives.


We pursue and chase after life comfort. Comfort riches and pleasures can choke the Word.

Can we fix our eyes on Jesus and pursue Him instead of the all these?

God knows your Momma heart. He knows what and how to meet your needs.

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One scripture to put your heart in the right place Matthew 6:26-34.

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