A Wonderful Christmas

A Wonderful Christmas


Do Christmas differently. Draw nearer to the Master’s table this Advent keeping the Word at the centre of your festivities.

You will find;

 12 Days worth of Study Scriptures

 12 Days Deep Dive Devotionals

 Daily Reflection Questions

 Daily Prayer Prompts

 Daily Punch Key points to ponder on


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This short book is an in-depth study through the prophecy and the purpose of Christ based on Isaiah

If you are tired of the conventional Hollywood Christmas stories, or you desire an undistracted
sacred holiday season or you want a Christmas more than shopping guides, cookies, cards and gifts,
then, girl, this is what you need.

This resource will help you;
 Enjoy a more profound and fuller Advent experience this year.
 Study the connection between the prophecy and the purpose of Christ.
 Focus on the true meaning of Christmas.
 Experience Christmas with purpose.

I desire that you have a rich and deep encounter through the Word, especially at this time of the

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