When The Mountain Waits For You

IFEOMA SAMUEL | April 24, 2017

Jesus said go get the colt which no one has ever sat on.  Do you notice the disciples reaction to the instruction? The disciples didn’t complain or say why, how… They followed instructions. They had no doubt in their hearts…..

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3 Keys to the Mountain

IFEOMA SAMUEL | April 19, 2017

What if you were told you had 30 minutes to escape for your life? I’m sure that would be your most scary moment! The rules were clearly stated… Escape to the Mountain and don’t look back! For some reason you…..

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The Danger of Partial Obedience

IFEOMA SAMUEL | April 12, 2017

Bible Study: Genesis 19: 10-29 Escape to the mountain…but he chose a small city, Zoar. Did He obey? At least he left Sodom, we would say but that was Partial Obedience. He sought permission to do less than perfect instruction……

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When Mercy Speaks

IFEOMA SAMUEL | April 10, 2017

Bible Reading: Genesis 19: 1-20, Genesis 18: 23-33 After a visit to Abraham and confirming the promise of Isaac. The angels’ visitation was bitter and Sweet at the same time. Bitter for the people of Sodom and Gomorrah The Lord…..

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Fighting For Hope Against All Odds

IFEOMA SAMUEL | March 29, 2017

As the worship leader uttered these words, I beseech thee Lord, let me see your throne, I beseech thee Lord, let your glory know, And I seek your face with all my heart, I beseech thee Lord, show me your…..

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Hope For The Unloved

IFEOMA SAMUEL | March 27, 2017

Betrayed by her own father because he thought she was not good enough to get a man for herself. She couldn’t speak. It was against their culture. Her case was sealed. She was bound and hurled off to be married…..

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Hope For The Girl Afraid to Dream Again

IFEOMA SAMUEL | March 22, 2017

She did not pick my calls. Neither did she return them. Her face was in my head. Something was not right. I got to the complex drove past her store. The doors were flung opened. Finally, I get to see…..

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A Word of Hope For Weary Moms

IFEOMA SAMUEL | March 20, 2017

When your kid is the one who refuses to sit when others are seated or sits when everyone is supposed to be on their feet. Or are you the mom whose kids prefers the choir stand Or the mom with…..

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Hope For The Woman Who Is Tired Of Waiting

IFEOMA SAMUEL | March 15, 2017

I like fruits a lot. Visiting the fruit market gives you a chance to pick out fresh, good looking fruits of your choice. I wonder what it feels like to be a fruit in the fruit market!   It is like…..

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Hope For The Woman In The Shadows

IFEOMA SAMUEL | March 13, 2017

I was ready to meet her. My contact had stringed everything together. We had to be discreet. We took all necessary measures to protect her identity when suddenly she withdrew. She declined our offer to help. For the name, the shame,…..

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Praying Hope for Widows

IFEOMA SAMUEL | March 7, 2017

Sometimes God takes us through unmarked paths. Not necessarily because we need to offer help but for our own good. God takes us through uncharted paths for us to learn and pick up life nuggets.  I always pass by here……

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Hope For The Bruised Reed

IFEOMA SAMUEL | March 3, 2017

I invited her into my room. For one who was close to my heart we have shared fond memories, times and places together. But distance and time had separated us. Our laughter was long and loud. A sudden break by sadness……

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