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Not My Will

Welcome to the second part of The Yielded Life Bible Study series. In the first part, we discussed The Surrendered Life. Today, we continue with God’s Will and what Jesus teaches us about it.

Transitions are hard. Changes are uncomfortable. Suffering is a very real part of life. The journey to the cross had started the very day Jesus was born.

It was according to His Divine purpose to redeem us through His blood that was shed on Calvary.  

As we follow the conversations at the garden of Gethsemane, we see a heart burdened by the weight of the known hardship of the cross. Even His disciples couldn’t bear it along with Him.

In verse 41 even Jesus knew their hearts really wanted to pray perhaps the events of the day had taking its toll on their bodies.

Bible Study: Matthew 26:37-54

But Jesus persevered in the place of prayer. The words of His commune were great. Although He longed for the cup to pass over Him, He knew it had to be according to God’s Will.

We know Jesus had the authority to subdue the situation but He surrendered to the Will. In verse 53 He reminds His disciples that if He had need for a legion to defend Him He would pray and God would give Him. A man with so much authority yet humble to the Will of the Father.

We have a lot to learn from Jesus. 

8 Lessons Jesus Teaches Us about God’s Will

The Will of God is above our own will. In the prayer of Jesus these words stood out for me in Matthew 26:39. “nevertheless, not as I will, but as thou wilt”.

If Jesus had a choice, it was drowned in God’s Will through this prayer.


Every Will God is according to His divine purpose. God’s purpose as we go through suffering is revealed. When His work in our lives is done we get a clearer picture of what He has done.


God’s Will is not selfish. It is beyond our desires to meet our needs. God is not selfish and you are here for something bigger than you. Like a large puzzle piece, which fits right into the puzzle set, we are part of a bigger plan.

The whole puzzle set is incomplete when one piece is missing the same way the Body of Christ seems when we don’t get into that order. Do you see that you and I are part of something bigger than us? Hebrews 11:40


Others may not understand His will. As hard as we try, others may not understand why God is sending us out on a difficult missionary journey or to a new place or to reach difficult persons or to pass through a devastating illness, or a loss.

In fact we may also be at a lost for reasons but it is important to trust that God knows what He is doing.


God never leaves us even when we go through hard times. Nothing misses His eyes. We sometimes want to question if He is in the midst of it all. The strength to go through with the cross was available for Jesus.


There is power in prayer even in hard and unsure moments. There is no better place to take our burdened hearts to than to His presence. Strength and grace is made available in His presence Hebrews 4:16

It is okay to leave all behind and move farther and closer into His presence. True, we need people in fact many but occasion calls for moving farther and leaving the noise behind. Sometimes, we should seek God alone and commune our deepest with Him.


Trust grows when you understand God’s will for your life. In verse 54, Jesus asks an important question to His disciples who were quick to His defense, “But how then shall the scriptures be fulfilled?”. This can only be when a man understands his divine purpose and is fully trusting in the One who has sent Him.


Only a humble heart can Surrender: It takes a humble heart to come to the reverend place of surrender. Despite the authority Jesus had He humbled himself. Pride is no sign of surrender.

What if the suffering, struggles and pain were all a part of God’s plan?

What if that situation was part of His Divine Will?

It was hard for Jesus to mutter those words. “Not as I Will”.

It is hard for us too but we are not alone. Whether through difficult road or not, hard choices or not, we are not alone. Jesus went through those paths when He followed the Will. He triumphed. We will also.

This should make us think differently when we are confronted with difficulties. This should make us grateful God called us to walk this path.

To live a yielded life means to surrender to God’s Will.

A yielded heart yearns to fit into God’s Will.

Today, when you pray usher God’s Will in. I am learning to ask God for His Will in every situation. May be tough but you and I are better off with it! 


I would love to hear from you, what lessons have learnt about God’s Will

Prayer: Dear Lord Jesus thank you for the lessons you have thought me. Help me to understand your will for my life. Though the road be tough teach me to hold firmly to your Will. Teach me to trust you entirely in Jesus name.

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