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New Bible Study: The Spirit of the Giant Slayer

New Women Online Bible Study: The Spirit of the Giant Slayer

Too many of us battle addictions, fear the fear itself.

The thought of pushing boundaries scares us silly.

Others we fight under enormous burden of guilt, and blunt weapons.

Why we aren’t winning?

It is either we are fighting the wrong thing or,

We are using with poor weapons of war or

We fight with no strategy at all,

Even worse many do not know they are in the midst of real war.

That day I laid faced up on the bed staring into blank space. In my wandering thoughts, my eyes fell on blade rotating on one spot. The faster it went, the more energy it dissipated- fulfilling its purpose.

It was on one spot. Working tirelessly.

Life feels this way sometimes. Many of us are quite acquainted with this drudgery. Perhaps you have been working hard to jump out of this crazy loop and all efforts seem to go nowhere. This is for you. Or you have a loved one struggling in their personal lives, again you need to read this.

New Women Online Bible Study: The Spirit of the Giant Slayer


There is an elephant in the room.

This giant in our faces has to bow else it bends us over. As I studied through the character of Caleb, an old man yet basking in the energy of his youth: “Give me this mountain”, he said to Joshua. Anyone his age would think of a retirement place. Not a mountain of giants and enemies to defeat. Not wars and lands to conquer. But Caleb did!

This man was not done in laying hold on his God-given promise.

He was not done claiming territories.

When last did you pray for a new task or a new place to conquer?

When last did you seek for a New Challenge?

When last did you say “Lord, bid me to walk on the water”?

What made this Caleb bold enough to march down that gallant city on the mountainside?

Oh did I mention Caleb indeed took that mountain! And His offspring enjoyed the proceeds of the victory stash.

I want to win wars. Conquer battles. And I want that for you too.

What giants are you faced with? from piles of debt to generational regressions, bondages, educational or career setbacks, and lies we have believed. I urge you to take down these giants and step into our God-given possession.

Christ has won it over for us but why do we not go in and take our claim?

Why do we delay when we should be on the move?

Join me in this new prayer Bible Study

The Spirit of The Giant Slayer.


In this FIVE Part study you will;

Identify the Giants in your life, the nature of giants and why you should defeat your giants

Understand why most people neglect to confront their giants

Discover the difference between the Grasshopper Mentality and Giant Slayer Spirit

Equip yourself to defeat the giants through the Word

Learn to walk total victory

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By His Grace, Ifeoma Samuel

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