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How To Handle Life Interruptions by Kelly R Baker

Kelly R. Baker is one of the beautiful Christian writers online with an authentic voice. She is a mamma with hilarious stories, energy and passion for sharing the Gospel. I am happy she is spending sometime with us here.

Have you ever tried to finish an important activity, but were inundated with continual interruptions?

This has happened to me before, but the other day took the cake. Trying to catch a webinar with four kids to watch and while your husband is out of town is no easy task.

My plan was to extend snack time, keeping the littles strapped in their seats while I watched. Of all days they were disinterested in eating a snack. I kept getting pulled away from my computer and forgetful before it even started. Short-term memory loss is “Mom of Four Kids” syndrome; I think I have it. I can’t remember.


My two youngest were having an unofficial “Who Can Take out the Most Toys” competition. It was chaos. My toddler kept going for the untouchables. I called my older kids for reinforcements, but how could I forget that chaos doesn’t decrease when you add more kids but double it?


Fortunately, my grandma had been staying with us, and she watched the littles while the big kids and I made soup for dinner. It was somewhere between chopping an onion and prepping the house for company when I realized the live webinar had ended a long time ago. Give me another onion, because I was crying.


A Second Chance 

The next morning I was delighted to discover there was a replay. I almost couldn’t contain my excitement while preparing my computer.

That’s when it happened.

“Mom, Grandma fell! She hit her head!” my oldest yelled from the family room. “Mom, come in here!”

I spent the next hour and a half applying a rag to Grandma’s head, making her a late breakfast, and helping her get ready to go to urgent care. My mom arrived to take her.

Now I can watch that webinar.

But, the fussy toddler hanging on my leg reminded me that I was four minutes late for her lunch. I rushed around exasperated; it seemed I couldn’t finish a task without something else demanding my attention.

It seemed like a real life Dominos game was in motion:

 A laundry fiasco.

A spill on the floor.

A diaper change.

A phone call.

My whole life felt like one lousy disruption after another.

After making my sandwich, I finally sat down to watch the replay. I opened my laptop, and—it was completely over. Snapping the lid shut, I pushed it away in my dejected state. At that moment, I laid out my raw emotions before God. His response? Reminding me that Jesus dealt with interruptions, too.

3 Times People Barged in on Jesus’ Agenda


While Traveling Take the story of when He was on His way to raise Jairus’ daughter up from the point of death (Mark 5:22-43). Jesus, His disciples, and the crowd began following Him. On the way, the woman who had a 12-year-long hemorrhage issue touched the hem of Jesus’ garment.

He could have pressed on with the urgency of a dying girl, but He didn’t ignore her. He stopped and ministered to her.

This famous story is a perfect example of trying to get from point A to point B when something comes up. It happens. But there is ministry in those moments, too.


While in Conversation Jesus was talking to the disciples after teaching (Mark 10:1-16). He taught the crowds then went into the house with His disciples; His disciples continued the discussion there.

While they were asking Him questions, people started bringing little ones to Jesus so He would lay His hands on them and bless them. The disciples rebuked those people. Maybe they thought Jesus needed a break. Maybe they wanted Him all to themselves. Or maybe they adopted the calloused position towards children the culture dictated. But Jesus was displeased with the adults.

He received the interruption by receiving all the people who interrupted Him. I’m remembering times I rejected people because of what they asked of me. Ouch!

While Sleeping Jesus even had His sleep interrupted (Mark 4:36-41). His disciples woke Him up while their boat was up against a furious windstorm; they were afraid.

But Jesus shook off His slumber and calmed the storm. As a light sleeper, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been awakened from a wonderful sleep!

A Heart of Patience 

Jesus was going about doing what God called Him to do. He revealed the Father to those around Him. As a result, whoever came near Jesus experienced the miraculous power of God and His matchless love—even when He was interrupted while trying to meet His own or other people’s needs.

That tells me I can accept interrupters as Jesus did—with a heart of patience.

I’m changing my stance. I won’t think of interruptions as less important than my agenda.

I’m asking God to help me welcome the opportunity when people or circumstances cut into my day, instead of regarding them as intrusions. Trading moments of frustrations for moments of ministry sounds like a better outlook anyway.



Kelly R. Baker is passionate about helping you seek God daily and thrive. She has created several resources on her website to inspire you to keep moving forward in spiritual growth such as the Daily Time with God Challenge and 40 Days of Daily Bread: Devotionals for Breakthrough. In addition to being a writer, she serves with her husband in leading the worship ministry at their church in northern Virginia. When not keeping her four kids on the homeschool and household routine you will probably find her sneaking a bite (or two) of organic dark chocolate. She would rather be writing or watching chick flicks than shopping any day. Connect with her on Facebook @kellyrbakerdotcom and Twitter @LiveYielded Find her at


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