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Everyone has got their hard season. But many of us don’t know how to struggle well.

How Ruth was able to pull herself together and get out there as soon as she arrived Moab beats me. It shows us how to take on life struggles well.

Not many of us have the courage to move past our losses, mistakes, meltdowns and past. This young widow embraces her struggles and continues in hope despite the hopelessness that looms.  What does Ruth teach us about struggling well?                                                            

5 Truths to Help You in the thick of hardship

  • Remain obedient to God’s Will. Stay focused on His promise.
  • Work. Show up, get up and be fully present
  • Be grateful even in the messy and mundane hard season.
  • Be patient and hopeful as you glean along the way.
  • You will find some good friends in the hard times. You can’t go through life alone.

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