How To Overcome Anger Everyday
Bible Study

How To Overcome Anger Everyday

21 Days To Overcome Anger And Live A Joyful Life

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Key Scriptures: Exodus 34:6, Nehemiah 9:17, Psalm 86: 15, Psalm 103:8

God is slow to anger. Despite the disobedience of the Israelites, God sent his prophets, gave them warnings yet they continued to provoke his wrath. Worshipping idols, sacrificing their children to them, killing God’s prophets and setting up false teachers to lead them. As I pored through the Book of Ezekiel, all my heart prayer was, God, be merciful.

Are we any different from the Israelites of old, when we embrace the idols of hedonism, materialism, worldly passions and set up our altars on falsehood? Yet the Blood of Jesus cries out that we come to God that He may wash away our sins.

Sister, in His mercies are we saved. That great Love the lord has towards us forgives us. When we don’t forgive others who have sinned against us, we live as those who have never tasted of His love.

I encourage you to preorder a copy of this Overcome Anger Study Guide along with the Prayer Tool all for $15. Make a print out and work slowly through this study again. Kindly note, Group license is available for your study groups.

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In summary, you can live a joyful life. Overcoming anger is so much more heart work than a physical self-help. Using Biblical wisdom we equipped ourselves with tools to help us overcome anger.

Key highlights from our study…

Your Heart– Guarding it with all diligence. Walking in wisdom and choosing conversations carefully.

Your mind– Place your thoughts on the things that matter and seek understanding.

Your soul– rid yourself from old filthy garments of sin.

Clothe yourself with the 7 Powerful Virtues

Live a Spirit-led life.

Be thankful and joyful

Become A Praying Woman

I created this tool to help you get intentional in your War Room. Praying strategic prayers over difficult situations can be life-changing.

Don’t just work through the Overcome Anger Bible Study add Focused Prayers. 

The Overcome Anger Prayer Tool contains:

Grab your prayer tool guide today.
  • 7 Days Guided Prayer from the study
  • 7 Devotional Summary based on the Bible Study
  • Scriptures for your War Room
  • Journalling Space 

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21 Day Bible Study: How To Overcome Anger and Live A Joy-filled Life

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