How To Improve Your Bible Study (Free Video Course)
Bible Study

How To Improve Your Bible Study (Free Video Course)

How to Improve On Your Bible Study....
Free Video Course that will help you develop and maintain a thriving BIBLE Study.
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I am privileged to speak at some women conferences. One of the frequent questions I get is..

“How do I actually get into the Word amidst life”s pull and tug?”

Truth is, I didn’t start out like this being a Bible Study writer and all. I was neither consistent nor an expert at Bible Study. Instead I was drawn to how relevant the Bible wisdom was to my reality.

There is so much peace in my soul like one that made a goldmine discovery. That’s the miracle that happens when we get into the Word. Opening those promises. Seeing them with our very eyes. Soaking them in our heart. Embracing them as His Word.

The Word is true, practical, applicable and very relevant to our day. It isn’t old school as the world think. It is living. Like fresh dew of the morning, God’s Word refreshes our weary souls, pours out hope and strengthens us for the journey ahead.

We may never realize what God’s Word says or how powerful it is until we actually get into the Word for ourselves.

I am pleased to announce that I have working on a video course where I will be sharing step by step how to begin and grow deeper in Bible Study. This video course will be available only on our YouTube channel.

Moms, busy women, wives with plates full, single working women, whatever hat you are wearing, this is specifically designed to encourage you. Whether you are a beginner or seasoned Bible Study woman, there is something to help you grow.

We shall be learning these and more..

*Why you and I need to get into Bible Study  

*3 Tips That will help you Jumpstart and have Consistent Bible study life

*How to Use the TEACH Bible Study Method

*Simple Bible Method for Beginners

*3 Reasons Your Bible Study feels Frustrating and what you can do

*Importance of Meditation in Bible Study

*3 Tips for choosing a right Bible Study plan

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**Optional if you are on Instagram, find us @purposefulandmeaningful I will be putting up posts there too.

By His Great Grace, Ifeoma Samuel

  • I am always looking for ways to improve my Bible study as a busy working mom. Can’t wait to hear your tips and tricks.

    • I hope this helps you, sis.
      Looking forward to hearing more 😉

  • […] you are just joining in this free Video Bible Study course >>READ MORE<< I would love for you to Subscribe to our YouTube channel so you don’t miss any part […]

  • Love that you are doing this Ifeoma! Looking forward to watching and studying too. Blessings and love!

    • Happy new month Bettie 😊
      Im so hapoy you are joining in😂😀😉
      Thank you do your encouragement.
      Love you loads.

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