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How To Help Your Kids Plan For The New Year

My daughter and I had set some year goals for her Bible Study. We looked over how she did over the course of the year about a week ago. As we discussed, we took note of our strengths and fall backs.

I am grateful we had some wins. Earlier in the year, we had done our some of Psalms memorization and Bible Study devotionals. We successfully completed the 4 Weeks Bible Study with the Girls at GMG together. Yes, I got my daughter to study along while I explained the scriptures. That was fun! 

But I had fell behind taking her Bible Study classes lately. Although, I had designed a Bible Study chart for her but somehow I had not seen it through to the end. I plan to sit up on that too. Don’t worry I would share with you when it is completed.

Overall, I am happy at her enthusiasm and continued progress. I had learned a few valuable lessons getting along the way.

Why You Should Involve Your Children In Setting Goals

We put in practice life lessons through Goal setting. It is wise to set goals for our children with them at the center. We not only teach our kids why setting goals is important, we help them understand the process through doing it together. 


Involving them in planning allows them to commit to the task. She often brings the Bible and frequently reminds me when it is time for her study class. I must say her commitment has encouraged me as well.


Kids learn responsibility through Setting Goals. I watch her remind me to come discuss. At other times she takes it upon herself to read certain verses on her own. She is learning to take responsibility for her Bible Study time.


They bring their unique perspective to the picture. Bible Story telling is fun. But I enjoy it best when children bring a perspective to a Bible Story. It is interesting listening to them describe what they have learnt.


They learn and improve as we do it together. You should never underestimate how much growth comes from doing things together. Whether it is praying together, memorizing the scripture together, Bible coloring pages, opportunities for learning and spiritual growth abounds.

I have often stressed the importance of including your loved ones in goal setting for the New Year.

Some Goal Setting Ideas for Kids

Here are a few Goal Setting Ideas and activities to help you get started.


Involve your kids in creating “Family Values using key scriptures”. As your kids begin to grow, it is important to identify some core values.


Involve them in choosing Bible Study plan for the New Year. There are several family devotionals available. Choose one that suit your needs.


Help Children improve on habits. While discussing how the year went, shed light on specific instances that occurred. Draw attention to habits that need to be cultivated or discarded. Help identify ways to improve upon good habits.


Identify other aspects of your children lives that need attention. This could be learning a skill, going for training classes, improving on academics etc.


I hope these helps you.

Question for you: Are there other ways to help kids prepare for the New Year?

Do share in the comments.

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