How to have a Successful Bible Study and Accomplish Meaningful Result
Bible Study

How to have a Successful Bible Study and Accomplish Meaningful Result

Happy New Year, dear friends!

Did you write your plans for the year? How about your Spiritual goals?

Having spiritual goals and plans are a good thing but they are not enough.

Spiritual plans are different from other kinds of plans we draw up. They are not agendas we carry out with God’s help although the entail a lot of discipline but we don’t rely on our limited human strength.

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I love Bible Studies. The Word is the food our soul needs to thrive. Our busy lives choke time and energy out of us and sometimes Bible Study may begin to feel like a weight or burden. You don’t have to feel this way towards your quiet time. Studying the Word is a journey not a competition or a race. It is a time savour grace and breathe in peace and hope from God’s Word.

Do you want to have a meaningful Bible Study this New Year?

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I am privileged to lead online Bible Studies through the Good Morning Girls Facebook community. I have found encouragement and support there. Group Bible Studies help you share what you are learning with other women and encourage you show up. Come January 14th by God’s Grace the gals begin the New Year Bible Study on The Book of John.

Request to join the GMG Nigeria community on FaceBook Click HERE

We have different online Bible Studies here on the blog some with free PDF downloads. So you don’t miss out on anything, subscribe to our YouTube Channel today. There are video devotionals and Bible Study Videos on the channel.

Do you need materials to help you get started with the New Year?

We have enough e-resources to choose from on the blog. Click HERE.

I am excited to see where God is taking us this year. Thank you to all our Old and New community members. I deeply appreciate your continued support. God Bless You all and Have a Blissful Year

  • Great word Ifeoma! Definitely reminds me of of why I do Bible studies and devotions and the importance of them as God tried to move in my life.

  • Yes I have been blessed in the GMG study group with you Ifeoma! I am looking forward to reading along, and hearing from God through the book of John. This fits so well for me, since I was just in a study of Chapter 17 for so many weeks this fall. Blessings to you Dear Friend!

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