How To Find Hope In the Mess Of failure

How To Find Hope In the Mess Of failure

Why didn’t they choose me?

A door shut against an opportunity.

Another failure recorded.

The sands of time don’t wait. They trickle away slowly but steadily.

The laughter lines fade with each insurmountable mountain.

Alone and lost in the island of dreams. Cold and frost.

With each door that is shut, a resounding mirage.

The lies that dampen even the best of us were it not for the hope that dwells deep within the soul.

Are you neck deep, drowning and desperately wanting to just breathe?

I have been there in the muddy thick of the mess called failure.


Today, I share with my hearty friend Dawn Boyer @Journeys In Grace. She is one of my favorite Word’s Smith and Christian Writer. Be sure to follow her on Facebook too. 

  • I clicked over and read the rest at dawn’s – One of my favorite Scriptures to quote – I believe Lord, help my unbelief and help to have hope too… Thank you so very much for some much needed encouragement today! Blessings and I appreciate you linking up to #TuneInTHursday today

  • Dear Ifeoma,
    So thankful for this opportunity for you to share words! I’m heading over there now!

  • Great post! I left a comment at Dawn’s too. Your words spoke to me today and reaffirmed God’s strength and provision for me!
    Thank you!

  • Clicking over now!

  • Heading over to finish your story! So excited for you to have this opportunity to share!

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