Hope For The One Who Has Lost Her Way
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Hope For The One Who Has Lost Her Way

I welcome you officially to the Ruth Bible Study. I feel elated sending out this post. If you are yet to sign up please do so HERE to receive your weekly Study Resources weekly sent to your emails. Kindly help your friends know about this study because I sincerely believe every woman should study the Book of Ruth

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Ever felt you have lost your way? I have too! In this Week One, we learn a lot from the few verses studied this week.

One evening mum made that long distance call. She had strong convictions I wasn’t doing fine. Well not in physical terms. My new friends, new environment beckoned my adventurous heart. On top of that I was getting way into too many things that weren’t right.

That call brought my senses back. Do you still remember who you are? I was slain in my spirit. The good Lord knew everything; yet He forgives me. I am glad I didn’t wander very far, my loving mum’s calls and prayers relented my spiritual life.

Have you wandered far? Christ forgives our sins when He said it is FINISHED. John 19:30 The enemy constantly brings lies to convey a contrary message. Naomi and her family had wandered far off. Even gotten mixed up with the women of the strange land contrary to God’s commands.

But something revived her broken spirit. The good news from home. God had been faithful to her people as he had promised. That good news of a divine visitation gives her courage to pack her bags to go home. Everything she had labored for long all these years vanished before her eyes.

Have you wandered, wondering and lost?

Good news is our Heavenly Father calls for you to come home. He longs for you. There is healing for your soul in His presence.

There is restoration for all the years you have lost. He is ever faithful to his own.

If you are at this cross road of decision valley can I say a prayer for you?

Dear Lord, I am thankful for your love. Thank you for your goodness even in my unfaithfulness. Dear lord let your mercies wash over my soul. Cleanse me from all my iniquities. Bring me to your healing place and restore my soul. Let your healing waters flow over my soul in Jesus name.

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