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6 Powerful Ways A Retreat Helps You Prepare For A New Season

Seriously…How many times have you begun the New Year with fresh plans and ideas and met your target? The same goes for making plans for a new life season.

Here’s what usually happens to most people when setting plans:

>Chances are they blew some,

>their interests changed

>they got discouraged

>or life just happened.

Research states only 8% of people complete their goals and the rest never get to achieve them. Now I ask you, how many actually achieve their original goals for the year?

Many motivational speakers seem to be heading one way. Plan and Set goals — Work at Achieving them. Well, I disagree quite a bit.

Does your goal line up with God’s agenda for you?

Does your plan match up to the vision for your life?

Why am I pursuing this course? Does this glorify God in any way?

God has a different blueprint for every life.

Just before you pen down your plan for the next year ask yourself “why”. For every goal you want to hit, ask a purpose question.

When I teach my children about making inquiry-based reasoning, I make them border their thoughts on why? Questioning the reason for their belief, or why things work the way they do. Perspective changes and/or reasons become clearer when the purpose is discovered.

Why do you need to change your approach this New year?

While we fall in love with the idea of goal setting and all, we should remember that setting up plans and leaving God out of the picture implies chasing pursuits that are self-gratifying and selfish.

We fail when we rest our trust in flesh.

Human ideas fail, the world is proof!

Much of today’s trend is a vain pursuit. The satisfaction and peace we seek are not in achieving more. More doesn’t equate to fulfilment. What brings joy is finding true fulfilment and purpose in what we do. You can’t find purpose or joy outside of God’s Will.

Instead of praying and fasting through a personal agenda, let’s seek God.

Looking to the Word turns our lens to something more than ourselves. We look to pursue God’s Will for our lives instead.

Having said that, the Personal Retreat is not just another Goal Planning event!

Much more than Goal setting and setting ideas or plans is seeking God’s Word for every detail our lives. The focus of the January retreat is Heart, Home and faith.

6 Powerful Ways A Retreat Can Help You Prepare for the New Phase/Year

Reflection and Inquiry: A retreat is an intentional time set aside to reflect, refocus, plan and  take action using God’s Word.

Get Answers for hard life questions. The Bible hold life answers. As you continue through Studies,  you will find God’s Word for troubling areas of your life.

It will help you gain clarity; Some people set up plans based on what others are doing. Others pursue dreams they are excited about but suddenly feel defeated when things don’t go as planned. A retreat helps you sort out what is working from what is not.

Take the confusion and guesswork out of your plans. Understand what the Word says about what you are going through. Understand God’s Will for choices you want to make. God speaks to us through His Word, we only need time to listen, make notes and set plans.

Identify personal roadblocks and how to deal with them. Roadblocks may be in form of belief systems, attitudes or lies. As you dig into God’s Word we find the truth that trumps the lies of the enemy and exposes deceit.

Praying strategic prayers. A retreat is a time to pray and pour your heart out over specific issues.  

I am a working wife and momma whose plate is filled getting an away weekend means over-planning. Like you, I would want to have an alone weekend just for retreat.  I did a search online for something flexible that would work for busy women who want to experience the bliss of Personal Retreats. I found none!

I want to help as many busy women as possible enjoy A Personal Retreat.

The theme for this year is “Heart, Home and Faith” The focus is on the Word and what it says about these areas of our lives.

Don’t head into the New Year in the same way. Seek God first.

This Retreat Guide is now available on request.

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