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What To Do When You Are Easily Frustrated with Your Bible Study

Do you start a Bible Study plan but struggle to complete it?

Do have a tough time staying committed to Bible Study?

I have been there!

Do you start a Bible Study plan but struggle to complete it?
Are you fighting for time to do the very things that keep you going? 
Are you in a very busy season of life ?
BIble study should never feel overwhelming! 
Continue with this free video course and learn 3 Top Reasons we feel frustrated with our Bible Study and what to do. Clickto Watch...

A lot of us want to commit to effective Bible Study but excuses hinder this precious opportunity to draw near and dig deeper into the scripture.

Does Bible Study feel tedious and burdensome for you? Even if you secretly nod, I have got you sister. We are all growing in faith through God’s grace.

Bible Study should not feel overwhelming but why do we feel it is tough?

In this video, I share 3 top reasons we easily feel frustrated with our Bible study and what we can do. Reading via email? Click HERE

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Still speaking of more, I asked a group of writing friends to share their free resources for Bible Study including free journals. I will be sharing links to these amazing resources that will help you get into the word and remain consistent.

All these resources come at no cost to you solely because I strongly believe God can use them to touch someone’s life for good. You too can be a part of that Godly influence by sharing the videos or emails or this post with your friends who you know would benefit from this. God bless.

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